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Crab Park Chowdery Offers Chowders and Soups at Affordable Prices

Unlike Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi whose rigorous rules had customers quaking as they proceeded down the line in their quest for that golden bowl of soup at the end of the rainbow, the Crab Park Chowdery is a casual small eatery in Gastown seating less than 20 and the only rule is here that you …

Provence Marinaside

Provence offers three course fish menus this April

Photo Credit: Emrys Horton From April 1st through 30th, join Provence Marinaside as it celebrates its ninth annual Poisson d’Avril. In France, ‘Poisson d’Avril’ (April’s Fish) is a one day affair corresponding to our April Fool’s Day filled with whimsical pranks and games (background & …