My Wine Tasting Notes for
2020 Vancouver International Wine Festival

To spit or not to spit, that is the question,
Whether ’tis nobler in the mouth to swallow
The aromas and notes of outspoken fruit,
Or to lose yourself in the spittoon bucket.

As the 2020 Vancouver International Wine Festival theme was on French wines and rosé  wines, I focused most of my attention on these two categories.  However, after tasting the French wines, and I was still somewhat conscious (being Asian, even a wine tasting event makes my face glow the brightest shade of red), I tried other featured wines from other countries.  The following are the wines that I found were more fruit forward, so you won’t find any reds on this blog post as I prefer to wear leather and I run as far as I can whenever I smell tobacco.

BC Wines

Gamay Rose 2018
BC; $22.90

If I should happen to not wake up before my next AA meeting, hide the bottles of HAYWIRE Gamay Rose 2018 whose reddish orange wine with aromas of strawberries with notes of juicy cherries, raspberries and herbs bursting with refreshing lively acid caused me to fall off the wagon so that I won’t have to give back my one day chip. After all it took me six years to earn this chip. #MaybeItWouldHelpIfIQuitMyJobAsWinemaker.


Pinot Blanc 2019
BC; $15.99

Star light star bright
How I wish I had wine tonight
Wine with aromas of peaches
And notes of apricot and Meyer lemon
So order me 6 bottles of
HESTER CREEK Pinot Blanc 2019 ($15.99) #OneBottleToDrinkFiveToBatheIn


HESTER CREEK Old Vines Trebbiano 2019
BC; $20.99

I laugh whenever my beer pals tell me that if I keep trying I’ll find a beer I like. I mean, have they ever tried HESTER CREEK Old Vines Trebbiano 2019 with its lovely aromas of peaches and red apples and notes of melon, lemon peel, grass and traces of minerality. #IGrowWineBelliesInMySpareTimeNotBeerBellies

Rose 2018
BC; 60% Merlot, 30% Grenache, 10% Mourvèdre Brewery Creek Liquor Store

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?  It is my neighbour’s kitchen table upon which I spy a bottle of  ONE FAITH VINEYARDS Rose 2018 which aromas of strawberries and notes of lemon meringue and rhubarb with its well balanced acidity washed waves of pleasure upon mu bosom.  Oh Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo.  Give me the bottle or else I will sendeth my dog to forth his business on your doorstep #MyDogTinyIsA200LbSaintBernard



German Wines

Henkell Rose Piccolos
Germany; Everything Wine & BC Liquor $13.99

If I had a bottle of wine for every birthday or anniversary that you forgot I’d have a cellar with 1000 bottles of HENKELL Rose Piccolos because I love its aromas of lemon zest and red berries and playful notes of peaches, raspberries and oranges which light bubbles never forget to make me happy, plus a room full of Louis Vuitton purses #ITakeYourBlackAmexOutForWalks#


Spanish Wines

Gran Castillo Rocio Brut Rosé
40% Pinot Noir , 30% Garnacha, 30% Monastrell / $23.99

What pairs with HAMMEKEN CELLARS Gran Castillo Rocio Brut Rosé which is a pale pink rose with fine bubbles and tickles my wine fancy with aromas of red red berries and notes of blood orange and lemon meringue pie? Why -delectable tapas from my personal Spanish chef who cooks in my kitchen with nothing on but a smile #NakedAndAfraidToBurnHisPrivateParts

Gotas del Mar Albarino 2018
Albarino; $27.99

Experts say the best time to drink wine is 11 am to 1pm because your mouth is drier. But honey when the cork is popped from HAMMEKEN CELLARS Gotas del Mar Albarino 2018 and the aromatic aromas of peaches and crisp notes of pears and minerals together with well-balanced acidity overwhelm my senses, I realize that it’s 11 am somewhere in the world. #WineOClockStartsWhenIWakeUpAndEndsWhenIFallDown

Rueda Verdejo 2018
Spain $26.99

Most women eat ice cream whenever a relationship ends. Me, I crack open a bottle of SARMENTERO Rueda Verdejo 2018 because this unoaked nectar with aromas of ripe pears and notes of green apples and lemon curd is the perfect wine for a celebration. After all, I’m the one who does the kicking to the curb but only after I’ve emptied his bank account #IStoppedCountingAfterSixHusbands


New Zealand Wines

A Sticky end 
Sauvignon Blanc 2018; $29

If I could save wine in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do
Is to drink MARISCO A Sticky end with it’s concentrated body of melon and apricot notes that opens up with peach aromas which isn’t overly sweet.
I’d drink this till eternity passes away
Just to drink this without you

Sparkling Rose
Pinot Noir
New Zealand; $19.99

What’s a better wine to pair with oysters than OYSTER BAY Sparkling Rose whose pale pink wine with aromas of red cherries and notes of strawberries and plums and soft tannins is such an aphrodisiac that I sent a naked picture of myself to every guy under 30 on Tinder #5000MesagesAndCounting







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