If you suffer from eczema like me, then you’ve no doubt tried every product on the market that promises to help relieve the dryness and stop the annoying itching. Well, when I received the two A-Derma products at the Pierre Fabre media event, I think I actually did an Irish gig. At that time, my skin was dry and I had a rash as a result of the traditional Chinese herbs I was taking for my liver cleanse which was helping in getting rid of the toxins in my system and thus treating my eczema. Eczema is the result of your liver’s inability to get the toxins out of your body, so it ends upon on your skin in itchy scaly patches.

A-Derma – Dermalibour: Antibacterial and repairing cream which is supposed to provide daily relief for adults and also young children for damaged, irritated and fragile skin. Use when skin is red, itchy or stings. This cream only contains zinc oxide to protect, copper and zinc sulfates which is antibacterial and Rhealba Oat Plantlet extracts which soothes and repairs. As this cream contains no detectable proteins, it is considered gluten-free. A 50ml tub is $18.00.

I applied the A-Derma – Dermalibou directly to my rash on my wrists and ankles. It felt cool and soothing and help calmed down the itching by 75%. I did not expect it to get rid of my rash or itching completely as I was still drinking the rather strong mixture of Chinese herbs. So it might be safe to assume that it might actually prove to be more effective on an actual eczema outbreak. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

A-Derma Xera-Mega – Nourishing anti-dryness cream. Promises to fight dryness 97%. More than 95% of ingredients are natural composed of extract of Rhealba Oat Plantlets organically grown in the South of France and is a hypoallergic formula made without parabens, chlorphenesin or phenoxyethanol. Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I used the A-Derma Xera-Mega on my left forearm at 1pm so I could compare how “moist” it was to my right forearm.  Well, by 5pm, my arm still felt hydrated and my skin wasn’t greasy or sticky. At last a cream that actually moisturizes the dry patches of my skin for more than three hours. Most so-called eczema creams hardly make it to 5 minutes and don’t seem to absorb well into the skin.



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