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Single girl with a mortgage and living in one of the world’s most expensive city with a taste of the good life, what is a frugalistista to do?  Coming from a background of frugal parents that despite having achieved the good life by owning a restaurant, thoroughbred race horses and real estate, they never forgot their humble beginnings.

Plastic runners and plastic covered couches, an interior decorator’s nightmare come true?  Yes, but all tips and tricks to save more than a shiny penny or two.

With a passion for designer fashions, good fine and fine wines, I source all the great deals such as new Skeecher runners for $5, 3 course dinners with 15 paired wines for $30, chicken wings for .39 cents.  But despite being frugal, I never sacrifice quality for quantity.


Technical Background

  • published as a poet in various poetry journals such as Poets for Africa,
  • copywriter for a web design company which I co-owned,
  • published three times in the British Columbia Hairdressers Association trade journal,
  • former Editor in Chief of a popular fashion website which featured international fashion trends,
  • as a photographer, I’ve taken 35mm photography and darkroom classes,
  • advanced skills in Adobe Paintshop, WordPress, Publisher, Excel, FrontPage, Microsoft Word


Personal Stuff You Really Don’t Want to Know

I love decadent desserts, drinking wine and travelling.  With all the pennies I save, I spend them on all three, so you’ll find the odd blog or two that doesn’t fit the definition of “frugal’ but are just plain fabulous but sometimes, it’s just fun to shake shake shake you piggy bank until its empty.

I’m allergic to dairy so you’ll find many comments about foods that are dairy free in my food blogs. But as there was a time and place when I wasn’t I will on occasion take a small bite of dairy items just for tasting notes.

If you want to contact me – please email dianne @ fabulouslyfrugalinvancouver . com (the email address has no spaces but I’ve typed it this way as I’ve been having issues with spammers).

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