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Albireo, A New Musical

Rushed Productions and the UBC Players Club in association with Arts Umbrella presents the world premiere of Albireo, a new musical. November 21st-24th, 2018 at 7:30pm (12:00 pm matinee on Nov 23rd)

Redgate Revue Theatre
1601 Johnson Street, Granville Island,
Vancouver, Canada.

My Review of Albireo

Albireo is a lighthearted musical full of mirth and glee revolving around the story of two brothers who are half siren and half human who return to their roots. The story takes place at a dinner party when Wriker confronts Chambers in the hopes f rekindling their familial ties. But all chaos ensues when a mysterious stranger appears. What follows is a melodic series of songs with the sopranic wonder of Rachel Kent (Saoirse the Siren) intermingled with the equally talented Colton Fyke (Chambers) and Jed Weiss. (Wriker).  The supporting cast are also wonderful with their convincing robotic movements meant to convince the audience that they were powerless to move at their own free will under the spell of the sirens.

If you love musicals, then this production is a no brainer. My only criticism is that this production needs a back story as I wasn’t familiar with the mystical powers of sirens nor the power of the two brothers when they sing in unison. Otherwise, an overall enjoyable intermission of lighthearted entertainment designed to export you to a mystical realm from where sirens enchant mere mortals with their seductive melodies.

Running November 22-24, 2018 . Click here to purchase tickets

About Albireo

Song and dance become power in this semi-diegetic, all new, world premiere musical! Albireo tells the story of brothers Wriker and Chambers. Half human, half siren, their mythological hypnotic powers only activate when singing together in harmony. Two sides of a whole and separated for some time, Wriker only brings trouble when he barges back into Chambers’ life, and on the night of a crucial dinner party, no less! A mess of comedy, chaos, the meaning of family, silence and song, Albireo has something for just about anyone, on top of being a dose of good old fashioned fun! Written by a UBC Creative Writing Alumni and Master’s of Creative Writing student of University of Edinburgh Annahis Basmadjian. Special note the show features the use of ASL (American Sign Language)

Cast includes:

Colton Fyfe
Jed Weiss
Rachel Kent
Kapila Rego
Juliana de Medeiros
Sam Fraser

And featuring in the ensemble:

Cathy Du
Sage Kronbauer
Katya Downey
Melodie Lawrence
Alan Pang
Selene Dublanko
Allegra Wright
James Penco

Who’s Who on the production/ design team:

Annahis Basmadjian (Writer and Producer), Liam Lazenby (Director), Samantha Spatari, (Choreographer) Sebastian Mendoza (Composer), Cara Chuang (Musical Director), Paolo Camia (Vocal Director), Jessica Kim (Stage Manager), Ahmed Shaaban (Assistant Stage Manager), Erika Champion (Lighting Designer), Rachel Kent (Fight Choreographer) Damon Bradley Jang (Publicity).



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