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This year’s London Drugs Beauty Event sample bag from Annabelle Cosmetics contained all the essentials to create smokey eyes from eye liners to a handy smokey eye palette and all at a reasonable price.

I’ve always had issues using liquid eye liners that last and are easy to manage to avoid uneven lines. Because the Annabelle Cosmetics EyeInk Liquid Eyeliner is as long as a lead pencil, it gives you more control to paint those fine lines underneath the eyes, but I find it doesn’t last long as kohl pencils as the liquid just isn’t thick enough. Available at London Drugs for $9.99.

Annabelle Cosmetics Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette – Dark Lights:  This palette had some good basic colors although I would have been happier if it came with an application brush but it’s small and convenient to carry and it seems to last as long as other shadows from other brand. There’s also diagrams on the back of the palette to help you create those different smokey eye looks from subtle to mysterious.  Coming Soon to London Drugs.


Annabelle Cosmetics EyeInk Mistake Proof Eyeliner:  Brown eyeliner with eraser works but brown isn’t intense enough for me and I found myself having to apply it quite a few times. The eraser tip works quite well on erasing the mistakes for any makeup application. Coming Soon to London Drugs.

Annabelle Cosmetics Kohl Duo Eyeliner.  I loved the purple eyeliner that was in my bag as it had a fine tip to make a superfine line.  I actually used this eyeliner under black eyeliner to create a purple shadow.   Coming Soon to London Drugs.

Annabelle Cosmetics Eye Makeup Remover PadsOil Free: These makeup remover pads works quite well in removing eye makeup in one fell swoop without leaving a chemical burn as it has aloe vera and cucumber extract.  I find there’s an excess of liquid on the pads, so after applying one pad to my left eye lid, I use an ordinary cotton pad to soak up the excess to wipe off the makeup off my right eye lid.  With 85 cotton pads in one container, this is more than enough to last you a month.  Available at London Drugs for $7.49.

Since I started using Annabelle blushes, I’ve been hooked.  So I wasn’t surprised that the Annabelle Cosmetics Blush On seems to stay on for more than a few hours.  And as I only need a little bit of the blush, this product seems to last forever which makes it a great buy for the price.   Available at London Drugs for $7.99.

If you’re a big fan of lipliners, then you will love Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp Waterproof Lipliner as it gives you a thin definitive line that does stay for hours.  I love the fact that you simply twist the pencil to sharpen it as I never carry a makeup sharpener with me.  Available at London Drugs for $6.99.





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