Pierre Fabre Conditioners

Pierre Fabre Conditioners
Leave Your Hair Soft and Silky

c>Due to decades of perming my hair to produce the big Latino hair I know that when it comes to hair conditioners, being frugal isn’t a factor in choosing the right product.

I no longer perm my hair but have inherited an unnatural runaway wave that only my 400 volt straightener can tame into actual straight tresses. Although my straighter “burns” my hair 80% less than the $20 models that gives my hair an immediate sizzle, it’s still wear and tear on my hair.

So it’s a welcome relief to be able to given two Pierre Fabre conditioners: Klorane Blonde Radiance with Chamamille and Furterer Lumicia Illuminating Shine Conditioner made from natural ingredients. I’ve already tried the Klorane shampoo which made my hair smell like a field of flowers (made from a particular species of chamomile, Matricaria rectita L. which is grown in Egypt in sun drenched soil to stimulate growth) while the Furterer Illuminating Shine Shampoo (Fioravanti Alcoholare, Acerola Cherry Vinegar and Vitamin B5, silicone free) made me feel like I was in the spotlight as my hair was so shiny.

Well the verdict is that both conditioners left my hair feeling soft and silky but the big shock was that both conditioners actually detangled my hair while I slept – I often wash my hair at night before I take a long leisurely bath during which time I pin up my hair And after my bath I’m so tired that I forget to brush my hair out. So imagine my shock when my hair wasn’t it’s normal bird’s nest mess the next morning and it took only a minute to brush my hair as there was hardly any tangles.  Another “side effect” is that my hair had more volume..

As for the “blond highlights” from the Klorane Blonde Radiance Conditioner, it appeared to turn my grey hairs a light brown which was a bit surprising. I’m wondering what will happen when I use this product on a long-term basis.   .


About Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre is a French multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company Founded in 1962 by Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist developed beauty products from natural ingredients. The company is not only focused on research and manufacturing cosmetics but also prescription medicines and family health products but developed vinorelbine (Navelbine), an anticancer drug. The Pierre Fabre Foundation whose mission is to help third-world countries to obtain quality drugs and learn how to develop them locally.



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