Canada’s leading independent festival of third wave coffee
promotes sustainable, high-quality brew

Pour-over, espresso or double flat white? For many people, coffee represents a daily ritual that fuels work and home responsibilities, supports social activities and provides dependable comfort in a chaotic world – and, as all coffee loyalists know, an expertly brewed cup can lift your entire day. This fall, the  third Beanstock Coffee Festival invites coffee lovers from Vancouver and beyond to convene on Granville Island and connect with local micro-roasters, sample some of the best craft java in Western Canada, and learn about the importance of socially responsible brew.

Coffee is the world’s favourite beverage with more than 2.2 billion cups consumed around the world each day – but not every cup is created the same. Particularly in recent years, third wave coffee – a movement towards high-quality, transparent and fair trade alternatives – has skyrocketed with speciality growers, traders and roasters uniting to improve each stage of production, from farming and processing techniques, to distributing the final product. Beanstock Coffee Festival was created by a team of industry professionals committed to expanding public awareness of third wave coffee and local micro-roasters, while also advocating for a more sustainable future for coffee. This year’s festival takes place November 2 and 3 at Performance Works on Granville Island.

“Vancouver is widely considered North America’s epicentre for coffee culture, which is why we chose the city to host this year’s Beanstock Coffee Festival,” said Mengo McCall, partner. “The event allows us to pay homage to micro-roasters driving the movement to produce artisanal quality brew, while also providing important education about direct trade, single-origin and sustainably grown coffee. We are so excited to treat Vancouver’s coffee-loving community to two days celebrating this intoxicating drink, as well as opportunities to indulge in local food, craft beer and music.”


Beanstock Coffee Festival will take place at Performance Works on Granville Island, featuring 30 independent micro-roasters, including Agro Coffee Roasters, Luna Coffee, Prototype Coffee, Pallet Coffee Roasters, and Rooftop Coffee Roasters. Early bird tickets start at $25 each, and include two tokens that can be exchanged for 100-gram samples of roasted coffee. VIP Weekend Passes cost $75 and include unlimited priority entry access to both days of the festival; a Beanstock tote bag containing premium samples; and a festival branded ceramic cup for tastings and to take home. The event is open November 2 and 3, between 9:00am and 5:30pm. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here..




About Beanstock Coffee Festival

Beanstock Coffee Festival is an event that showcases the best independent micro-roasters and celebrate third wave coffee culture. The immersive experience will exhibit music, local food and drink selections, live demos, unlimited coffee sampling, and a curated market to purchase equipment and coffee to take home.




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