Joe Fortes Shrimp Ceviche

Being Asian, we’re never happy if we’re not fed. So to me the best happy hours have both food and wine at discounted prices. So I’ve started a list of the best happy hours and I’ll be adding to this list as I find them.

GLOWBAL GROUP OF RESTAURANTS: Glow happy at all of the restaurants of the Glowbal Collection as all of them offer Cocktail Hour from 3-6pm every day. I’ve been to most of them and my favorite is the Roof at Black N Blue as they have these killer shrimps, but you’ll have to get there early as it’s a hot spot. But downstairs at the bar, you can still enjoy a great menu selection They also have wine and cocktail specials for $5 – five of these equal one very happy tipsy Asian tweeting at your feet. There’s also other weekly specials at some of the Glowbal Restaurants listed on my happy hour pages.

JOE FORTES:  an institution in downtown Vancouver they have oysters and $5 wine and half price appies. Although the Pavlova isn’t on the appy special, save room as this sweet thing full of fruit and custard is enough for two and is the perfect way to end your happy hour.

HAPA IZAKAYA: In love with Japanese tapas?  Hapa offers $5 wines and 1/2 price appies at all their locations which I’ve been to. My favorite is the Yaletown location and my favorite dishes the pork which comes with a raw egg which you stir into boiling hot concoction. And I love that the waiters actually come around and announce last call for happy hour. Now that’s what you call the happiest hour of all.

CHEWIES: I try to avoid fried chicken not because I hate its greasy and high calorific goodness. Au contraire as the crispness of the deep-fried skin with its moist white meat is pure heaven and Chewies has taken the title of mastered this with its 72 hour marinated buttermilk honey batter and on Tuesdays night its $5 off.  At the Coal Harbour location, from 4-6 appys are half off and oysters a buck a shuck. At the Kitsilano location there’s  $1 beach oysters, $2 premium oysters, 1/2 price appys on weekdays from 5-6 and on weekends it’s 3-6pm.

THE WINE BAR:  Wind down at The Wine Bar’s 3 bites for $10 on Sunday and Monday and after 10pm every night. . With a patio view, killer wine and a 3 bites for $10 on Monday – hello, its so cosy and intimate. There’s also other weekly specials and a lovely view of the water on the patio.

GOTHAM STEAKHOUSE: Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, Gotham’s has bubbles and Kir Royale at happy hour. Although appetizers are sold piecemeal, I’d recommend you to order three of the prime rib sliders which are only $3.50 each.

FRANCESCO’S: Although no longer owned by Don Francesco, this establishment still touts the same fine service and high quality of food as it did over 20 years ago and in the last year put its appies and cocktails on half price. So cocktail fans should start the appy hour off here with the half price cocktails such as Godfather (Brandy, gin, OJ), Don Corleone (Stoli Vodka and ginger beer) and Rossini (Flor Prosecco and Frangoli strawberry liquor (regular $12-$13) and then move onto their main courses.



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