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My Sweet Notes on the Gorilla Gallery Features Lush Gorilla Perfume IV

[To view this gallery on mobile, go to bottom of this page and click on “View as Full Site”]   The Gorilla Gallery featuring Lush Gorilla Perfume IV The interactive Gorilla Gallery contains sweet notes from Head Perfumer Simon Constantine’s life, with influences from Hal Samples, …


Kiehls Skin Products for Sensitive Skin – Get five Complimentary Samples

Kiehl’s Skin Products for Sensitive Skin As a blogger I receive a lot of emails asking me to review products, most of which I politely decline as most products don’t fit the profile of being affordable. However as someone with eczema, that’s when all the pennies I’ve saved …


Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses at GlassesShop

Affordable Stylish Eyeglasses at GlassesShop   They say love is blind and coincidentally when I got married that’s when my eyes started to fail me as I could no longer see small print.  So i trudged on down to the drugstore to purchase my first pair of eyeglasses because as a frugalista …

Face Shop Chia Seed

Remarkable Face Shop Chia Seed Skin Products – My Review

At the time of the media event for the Face Shop Chia Seed and Belif, I had an eczema outbreak on my face. So receiving these products came at an opportune time as it’s always difficult for me to find skin products that don’t sting as my skin is sensitive to harsh chemicals in skin …


Stocking Stuffers under Thirty Dollars at Potters Christmas Store

Although Christmas is a great time for people to get together to exchange gifts and good cheer, on the flip side of the coin, it’s rushing around looking for perfect gifts that won’t break the bank that’s nerve wracking as it’s holiday crowds and long lineups that make me …

Essence Cosmetics

Essence Cosmetics – makeup under six dollars

If there’s anything I’ve learned about cosmetics, it’s that spending more money on a cosmetic product doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. In fact, my eye lids are so oily that even when I apply the super duper strength MAC pigments three or four times, the colour …


Au Natural Pierre Fabre Conditioners leave hair soft and silky

Pierre Fabre Conditioners Leave Your Hair Soft and Silky c>Due to decades of perming my hair to produce the big Latino hair I know that when it comes to hair conditioners, being frugal isn’t a factor in choosing the right product. I no longer perm my hair but have inherited an unnatural …


A-Derma Products that treat Eczema Effectively

If you suffer from eczema like me, then you’ve no doubt tried every product on the market that promises to help relieve the dryness and stop the annoying itching. Well, when I received the two A-Derma products at the Pierre Fabre media event, I think I actually did an Irish gig. At that …


Anti-aging PhysioLift Products from Pierre Fabre – My Review

Eau Thermal Avene PhysioLift is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkling solution made of Ascofilline (brown algae), Hyaluronic acid mono-oligomers and Retinaldehyde. All these ingredients together smooth wrinkles, make skin firmer and more luminous. During the time I used all the PhysioLift products, my …

Klorane Eye Makeup

Hypoallergenic Pierre Fabre Products For Your Daily Night Regime

End your Night with these hyper allergenic products   They say the most important part of your beauty regime is what you put on your skin on night. From eye makeup removers to cleansing lotions to mud masks, it’s all about using the most effective product that will not only cleanse your …