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Rocky Mountain Flatbread

My Review of New Plant Based Menu at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

[To view this on a phone, scroll to bottom of page and then click on “View as Full Site”]     My Review of New Plant Based Menu at Rocky Mountain Flatbread  I’m not vegan, but you’ll often find me at vegan restaurants due to my dairy allergy. So when Rocky Mountain Flatbread …

Tasting Plates Yaletown Brunch

The Breakfast of Champions at Tasting Plates Yaletown Brunch – My Review

  [If viewing on a phone, scroll to end of page and click on “View as full site”]   The Breakfast of Champion Dishes at the Tasting Plates Yaletown Brunch – My Review   Cha Le Tea Merchant Cafe 1207 Hamilton Street, Vancouver Tel: (604) 633-9989 …


Bistro Louis Gervais Reaffirms my Love for French Chefs – My Review

    Bistro Louis Gervais reaffirms my love for French Chefs – My Review I started my love affair with French chefs at the very tender age of 15 when I took the very first pay cheque I earned from working at my parents’ Chinese Western restaurant to dine at a French restaurant …


Hold the Chinese – My Review of Chinatown Tasting Plates

    When I was a child, my parents used to drive us to Vancouver from Calgary and then we spent all our time in Chinatown as it used to be the place to be if you wanted authentic Chinese cuisine. Over the years, Richmond has become the new Chinatown due to its ever-growing Chinese …


Tasting Plates UBC – My Review

{To view this photo gallery on mobile, go to the end of this blog post and click on “View As Full Site”] .. A million years BC which in this case means a million years Before Computers when I went to the University of Calgary,  there was literally only a handful of coffee shops and …


Two Rivers Meats is every Carnivore’s Wildest dream Come True

    Two Rivers Meats is Every Carnivore’s Wildest Dream Come True Scheduled to open in mid October, I predict that Two Rivers Meats – The Shop, a 2,500 square-foot industrial space which is adjacent to the company’s newly renovated North Vancouver headquarters, will prove to …


Ten Reasons Why Bubbles are a Girls Best Friend at The Wine Bar

I’ve been a fan of The Wine Bar ever since it opened its door in January of 2013 with its vast selection of 50 wines on tap and assortment of tapas starting at $5. But hold on to your Versace handbags because honey, bubbles are a girl’s best friend at The Wine Bar and here’s 10 …


2017 North Van Tasting Plates Review

I live in Richmond and my only mode of transportation is transit, and I find that it’s so easy to get to the North Shore via a short Seabus ride.  So I’m always too happy to say yes, yes, yes oh yes when the media invite to the North Van Tasting Plates arrives in my in box. And the …


21st Annual Where To Dine Awards

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ALBUM   21st Annual Where to Dine Awards April 2017 Where Vancouver’s 21st annual Where to Dine Awards were handed out to local restaurateurs during an afternoon event at Glowbal restaurant, hosted by man-about-town Fred Lee. Each year, Where magazine asks readers to …

Garagiste North

2017 Garagiste North Wine Tasting Notes

One of my favorite wine tasting events is the Garagiste North Small Guys Wine Festival which features small lot wine producers in B.C. – proof that small quantities can produce the best quality of wine as I never fail to find some fabulous wines at this festival. Of late though, I’ve …