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Canadian Wines at the 2017 VanWinefest – My Recommendations

  ….).. According to a press release I received from the Vancouver International Wine Festival, at the 39th Vancouver International Wine Festival which featured Canadian wines, this year’s dishwashers will have dealt with 82,000 wine glasses plus countless plates, cups and …

Central City Brewing

Central City Brewing and Parallel 49 Seasons Greeting Beer Advent Calendar

CENTRAL CITY BREWING & PARALLEL 49 COLLABORATE ON SEASONS GREETINGS 24- PACK IN TIME FOR HOLIDAYS Like sushi, it took me time to appreciate the texture and flavours of raw fish and learn not to put the whole smacking gob of wasabi into my mouth – true story. So as a wine sweetie …

Fable Diner 3

Review – Cozy up with modern comfort food at Fable Diner

… Cozy up with modern comfort food at Fable Diner Trevor Bird and Ron MacGillivray open Fable Diner on July 21, 2016 in the historical Lee Building at 151 East Broadway Not content to just run the successful Fable Restaurant where menu items feature ingredients sourced from local farms, …

Habibis Mediterranean Foods

Who Needs Butter When You Have Habibis Vegan Spreads – My Review

Habibis Mediterranean Foods offers Vegan Spreads and Dips Perfect for People with Dairy Allergies If you have a lactose intolerant issue or even a full-blown dairy allergy like me, then you’ve probably searched for alternatives to replace those butter drenched sandwiches that with one bite …


2016 Garagiste North Wine Tasting Review

  Next to the Vancouver International Wine Festival which showcases a large number of wineries every year from a designated country, I’d have to say that Garagiste North is my favorite wine event as it’s an opportunity for me to taste high quality wines from small lot wine …


My Review of the Products at the Dairy Free Living Event

  Living my life cow free – My review of Dairy Free Living Event I used to be just lactose intolerant until a trip to the Mardi Gras in N’leans where endless parties and endless arrays of rich foods paired with an even more endless assortment of cream based shooters resulted in …

Wines under $25

My Recommendations from the 25 Wines under $25 event

  Every year, my favorite event to attend at the Vancouver International Wine Festival is the 25 Wines Under $25 seminar as it’s definitely up my frugal alley.  Hosted by James Nevison, The Province‘s “Wine Guy” and author of the best-selling Had a Glass series of wine …


Cool Climate Cool View Wine Event at Lift Bar and Grill

  Set against a picturesque view of Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains at Lift Bar and Grill, the Cool Climate Cool View grazing lunch event held on February 27, 2016 for the Vancouver International Wine Festival featured vineyards that are located within a few kilometres of the ocean …


My Review of Bonterra Vineyards Wine Dinner at Boathouse Kits

  An Evening of Wine from Bonterra and Culinary Pairings from The Boathouse Hosted by General Manager, Amber Brownlee and Executive Chef, Vincent Wong of The Boathouse. Special Guest Dave Kobal, Vineyard Director, Bonterra Winery. Ever since I attended the New Zealand Wine event at the The …


Nice Vice Ice Cream is the Nicest Vice of All – Dairy Free, GMO Free and Nut Free

I scream, you scream and then I scream in pain as I am one of those people who can’t even tolerant soy ice cream as some of them still contain 1% dairy which small amount still allows the company to legally label the product as non-dairy even though there’s that pesky 1% that upsets my …