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2019 Where to Dine Vancouver Awards Photo Gallery


Beyond Burger at White Spot Media Photo Gallery


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Gusto A Taste of Italy

Gusto A Taste of Italy – My Review

  Gusto a Taste of Italy Offers Sweet and Savoury Morsels of Italy   Call me a sap or call me a corndog but whenever I’m in Italy, the song, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That’s amore” keeps playing over and over in my head. Why, probably …

Koko Monk Chocolates

The Chocolate Whisperer Opens a Second Koko Monk Chocolates Location

The Chocolate Whisperer opens a Second Koko Monk Chocolates Location Much like your first kiss, when that first bite of a chocolate carefully crafted by Paul Dincer, hits your taste bud, waves of sublime pleasure will overcome your taste buds prompting you to ride another wave with yet another …

Vancouver Gourmet Club

The Vancouver Gourmet Club Gives You More Bang for Your Buck

Getting More Bang for Your Buck at the Vancouver Gourmet Club Being Asian doesn’t mean that we’re looking for the cheapest deal regardless of quality. No, rather it means getting the best quality of food, service or products for the best price – in other words, more bang for your buck. As …

Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates

My Review of Tasting Plates Mount Pleasant

‬ [If viewing this on mobile, please go to end of blogpost and click on “View as Full Site”]    Vancouver Foodster’s Tasting Plates Mount Pleasant took us to French pastries, authentic Mexican food, glorious pizza pizza and Northern Chinese food – a mosaic of flavours …

Cacao Vancouver

Test Kitchen Tuesdays at Cacao Vancouver

Photo credit for all photos on this page – Cacao Vancouver When a chef posts a message in his website that politely asks you to refrain from sharing the journey you know then that he’s totally seriously about the culinary journey he intends to take your taste buds on. Being a blogger aka …


Tacofino Oasis Offers Downtown Workers Mexican food with a twist

    Tacofino Oasis Offers Downtown Workers Mexican food with a Twist Despite the fact that I hardly visit Tacofino’s “White Lightning” truck which sits a mere 100 feet from the front door of my office building, I’m a big fan of Tacofino but not so much of the long …

Virtuous Pie

Virtuous Pie proves that faking it can be a good thing

Virtuous Pie proves that faking it can be a good thing I have a love hate relationship with cheese. I love it but it hates my guts. Literally. So when I heard that a new restaurant offering vegan pizzas and ice cream was opening I pushed Virtuous Pie to the top of my Restaurant Bucket List. Before …


Carefully curated creative cuisine…. my Review of LaTab

  I’m not a food critic as I can’t name the catrillion species of mushrooms nor have I eaten at all the four star restaurants in Vancouver – yet. But it doesn’t take a culinary degree to realize that the food presented before you at LaTab has been carefully curated to …


Grapes & Soda Happy Hour Adds $7 Wines

UPDATE – $7 wines added to Grapes & Soda Happy Hour Since the last time I came here for happy hour, Grapes & Soda has updated their happy hour by offering three magnificent $7 organic wine selections: Pares Baltas Cava Brut, NV Spain:  In love with bubbles, this Spanish cava will not …


Its Ooh La La Tuesdays at La Cigale with $0 corkage fee

Is there anything better than a night out with the girls at a fabulous French bistro having a great meal with a nice bottle of luscious red wine? Well there is, if you go to La Cigale on a Tuesday night when you can bring in a bottle of wine from your very own cellar for $0 corkage fee (only one …


Sitting happy with Don Corleone, Rossini and the Godfather at Francesco’s happy hour

On one of my daily leisurely one hour strolls before work, I came across a sign advertising FRANCESCO’S happy hour special promotions and I knew that I’d have to try Francesco’s happy hour specials as I’ve been to a few media events here that were nothing short of …


Come Graze with me at the meat-free, dairy-free and guilt-free weekend brunch at Graze Vegetarian

I have fond memories of Grand Slam breakfasts Denny’s at 2 am after hitting the discotheque back in the day when I got down almost every night. But decades later, the sequins have all fallen off my disco dresses and I haven’t been Grand Slammed as I’ve nursed my lactose …


Reflections at Rosewood Hotel Georgia Is Not Just Another Sexy Patio

Tis the season to be brown and tanned all over and in that frame of mind, I’ve been patio hopping the past few weeks, enjoying the warm summer nights and ocean breeze blowing through my hair. And one of Vancouver’s most popular patio, Reflections has long been on my list of places to …


A whole lot lotta happy at Gotham Steakhouse’s happy hour

  I rarely eat steaks at steak houses. That being said, I have been known to frequent happy hours at steak houses such as the Shore Club, Morton’s and the Palms Steakhouse whenever I travel to the States because as a single gal over 40 working in the legal profession, I like the high …


Grabbing a Piece of the West Coast Good Life at GoodWolfe Kitchen and Bar

Being fabulous, yet frugal I eventually get around to dining at the newest restaurants knowing that if it’s that good, it’ll still be around in a year or two when I find a deal and if’s failed by then, well better a meal missed than a dollar spent unwisely. Although Josh Wolfe …


Dishing ‘N Dazzling with thong bikinis, tomato basil macarons and fireball shooters

As a frugal girl who loves to eat just as much as she loves to drink, I love the Dish ‘N Dazzle event as one can enjoy a few hours of the holy trio of wine, spirits and food for the price of $69.  With 21 wineries, 6 competing bartenders and 14 restaurants featured at this event, it was enough to …


Tête-à-Tête with Monsieur Cochon at Le Crocodile

  I’ve been eating at French restaurants since I was 15 which was a mere four years ago (insert big fat lie here) using my pay cheques from working at my father’s restaurant to satiate my epicurean appetite.  So when I heard about the annual Choucroute Dinner at Le Crocodile from …


Southern Comfort and Joy at Mamie Taylor’s new lip smacking, finger licking weekend brunch

Left click on the gallery to view the full images You know you’re a brunch diva when you’re bored of smoked salmon Bennies, three-egg omelets and champagne mimosas. My favorite brunches seem to be from restaurants offering southern comfort food with fried chicken and grits where …

Spanish Tapas

The Reinvention of Spanish tapas at Espana

  I’ve learnt that there is only one quiessential word you need to know when tapa hopping in the streets of Barcelona and that word is “Querer”  followed by vigorous finger-pointing at some plate of unknown deliciousness. All chased with vino tino.  Life doesn’t get better …


Give Four Stars to The Farmer’s Apprentice – a restaurant whose cuisine ensures its success in Vancouver’s tough restaurant scene

…. In Vancouver, restaurants pop up and pop down faster than Lindsay Lohan can stagger on and off the bandwagon.  So what does it take to ensure that a new restaurant doesn’t die a slow and painful death? Restaurants such as Provence, Francesco’s,  La Terrazza and …


DINE OUT VANCOUVER AT FORAGE – reserve now for a 3 course meal for $28 that is an unforgettable foodscape

Pacific Provider Spring Salmon Potato and Smoked onion “hash”, Leek Fondue, celery root remoulade Being fabulously frugal means never having to say “I’m sorry, but I haven’t made it yet to the latest and greatest new restaurant.”  Moreover, as my father’s …


Take a safari into unexplored tastes and textures at SECRET LOCATION 300 DISHES from Jan 16 to Feb 15

It’s no secret that I love to eat as much as I love a good deal.  So when I discovered that SECRET LOCATION was promoting 300 dishes in 30 days by offering a 10 course dinner with wine pairings for just $75, you know I was all over that.  Do the math – $75 divided by 10 courses = $7.50 …


Feel Me, Touch Me, Eat Me… My tips for eating in the dark at Dark Table

  As a blogger who is used to playing with my food, it was an oddity to go to Dark Table restaurant where you eat your meal in complete darkness. What two hours of complete tweetless in Vancouver? So what was this supertweeter to do? The following is your ultimate guide to eating in the dark. …


Come Graze With Me where a bounty of garden delights awaits you

I spent a year and a living on the wild side of life in Los Angeles where movie directors walked door to door schlepping their own films, prescriptions for medical marijuana could be had for $50 if you shed a tear to prove that you were in the throngs of a deep depression [sic] and where the term …

La Pentola

Please Forgive Me, but La Pentola Della Quercia’s 10 Course La Famiglia Supper is better than My Mamma’s Home Cooked Meals

    If my mother could read English, she’d punch me in the arm and tell me what a bad daughter I am. But truth be told, although my mother could make Chinese pastries like no one’s business, it was her three hour oyster stews and 20 minute steaks that had me running for the …