Almost Free Things to Do in Barcelona

Font Magica Almost Free Things to do in Barcelona From free to just fabulous the following are the following Barcelona bucket list items to scratch off. I’ve also included a list of tourist traps to avoid. … Barceloneta Beach Who doesn’t like chillin at the beach and …


Droolworthy Barcelona Restaurants worth every penny

My List of Droolworthy Barcelona Restaurants I buy new runners for $5 at Value Village 50% sales and my budget for lunches is set at $8. Why? Because when I’m on vacation I go hog-wild literally looking droolworthy restaurants where a fabulous meal can be had for less than 40 – 50 € …

Barcelona Tapas

Barcelona Tapas – Pay like a pauper, eat like a king

Barcelona Tapas Pay as a pauper and eat like a king Who needs happy hours when Barcelona tapas and cavas start at 2 Euros? But the best deal to be had is the meal el dia served from 1-4pm where for the mere price of 10-15 €, you get three courses and a beverage, which very often is a glass of …


Barcelona – A Frugal Guide to New York’s Twin City

I think of Barcelona as the New York of Europe – another city that doesn’t sleep with its citizens playtime starting well after 11pm and where the favorite pastime is doing the walk of the tapas – literally moving from tapa bar to tapa bar inhibiting and consuming culinary …