Cheap Eats In Vancouver


Cheap Eats in Vancouver
Five Dollars and Under

If you’re on a tight budget and you’re tired of Kraft dinner, have no fear there are still places where you can get your cheap eats in Vancouver.  Here’s my list of $5 and under eats in Vancouver.

1. Stop your whining and head on over to The Wine Bar daily from 3-5 pm or all night o Tuesday when red, whites and bites are Five Bucks, Five Bucks, Five Bucks.  What makes this a real steal of a deal is that the wine isn’t plunk and the food comes straight from the kitchen of Provence Marinaside, an iconic Yaletown restaurant that’s been around for more than 15 years.

2. Run don’t walk because on Tuesdays from 3-6pm tacos are only $1 at Dubh Lin Gate making it the cheapest cheap eats in Vancouver:

3.You’ll be screaming sooie when you hunker down on the $1 lamb meatballs, ham grenades, sliders and chicken wings at Mamie Taylor’s happy hour Monday to Friday 5-6 pm and Saturday and Sunday 3-5 pm.  Wash it all down with $5 beer.

4. Home of the $3 tacos, La Catrina Mexican Tacos will have you doing the Mexican hat dance.  Mix and match or try them all. you know you want to..

5. The Warehouse Group of restaurants: Warehouse, The Moose ($5.95), El Furniture Warehouse (Granville) and East Hastings), The Factory and the Dime offer food for $4.95. It’s not gourmet and you’ll find yourself surrounded by young kids and party goers at nigh. The Moose also has some wicked daily specials such as wings for 25 cents on Tuesdays, sliders for $1 on Thursdays;

6. There’s a whole slew of $1 pizza places downtown or get a small Take N Bake pizza (3 toppings) for $3.99 from Fresh Slice.


7. If you love Joey’s Restaurants well their happy hour will make you love them more as drinks are $4 and appies are $3.50 every day 3-6 and 9-pm to close Sunday-Thursday;  The thing I like about this happy hour is that the wine is French, making it a great deal

8.  Tim Hortons is my go to place when I want a quick casual bite.  And they have plenty on their menu under $5 like Mozzarella Pesto Panini ($4.79), Chicken Fajita Grilled Wrap ($4.99), Chili with Cheddar ($3.99), large smoothies ($3.99), the entire breakfast menu and my favorite, a 20 pack of Timbits for $3.99.

9.  If you’re really strapped for money and want really, really cheap eats, the menu at Burger King has oodles of cheap food such as 10 Chicken Nuggets ($1.99), Mix and Match 2 (sandwiches) for $6, King Deals (burgers, chicken burgers) starting at $1.49.

10.  Hola!  The tacos at Sal L Limon are ridiculously cheap starting at $2.60 with the most expensive one at $3.00.  What I like is that it doesn’t automatically come with cheese as I’m lactose intolerant (cheese is extra).  At these prices, it’s hard not to have one of each.

11.  Anita’s Kitchen is one of my favorite places to go for soup in Bentall Centre (across from Triple O’s, as they feature four each day all being hearty and filling for just $5.25.  My favorite is the lentil.

12.  On Tuesdays get the cheapest tacos ever for $1.29 each at Taco Bell but there are only two choices – beef or vegetarian. At those prices, I usually add an order of Mexi Fries,’

13.  Want a real burger for $3.33m then head to Triple O’s on Tuesdays and don’t hold the pickle.

14.  The cheapest burger around for $3.42 is found at Wak Wak Burger which is a food truck found parked at 500 West Pender Street..

15.  Get super happy during Gyu-Kaku Super Happy Hour (Monday-Friday: 2-5 PM) where $2 gets you items such as Spicy Pork and Chicken, $3 gets you beer and gyoza dumpings and more and for $4 it’s filet mignon, chicken karraage and Sake cocktails

16.  Every sub sandwich at Viet Sub is less than $5 making this the perfect place to pick up your lunch for the next day.

17.  Count them and weep because the Daily Special Menu at Coco Rico Cafe has 49 cent wings and 69 cent shrimp and sleeves of beer are only $4.50.

18. If you’re in Gastown every day between 3-6 pm and 9 pm – closing, head to 131 Water Kitchen & Bar for 1/2 price appetizers , $3 beer & wine and $4 highballs. The most expensive appetizer is $10 making happy hour prices $5 or less

19. Spice it up with Malaysia food at Kaya Malay Bistro Monday to Friday 5-7 pm and Saturday/Sunday 12-3pm with their $4 menu of tapas such as Satay Chicken, Samosas, Green Papaya Mango Salad and more. Drinks are also $4.

20. I’m not sure what’s on the $3 happy menu at Original Joe’s 3-6p m & 9 pm – close – but it’s $3 drinks with $3 food which I suspect will be appetizers.

21.  On Tuesdays,  KFC has a $3.29 special which gets you two pieces of chicken and fries.

22  If you love your sandwiches, well there are plenty of 6 foot long sandwiches on Subway’s menu to make you happy plus all breakfast sandwiches are pretty tasty and under $5..

23.  Can Vancouver have too many $3 taco shops – no I say loudly.  Meat  tacos at are La Taqueria $3 all day any day.

24. If you love Asian tacos, then head on down to Bao Down Gastropub where they have four choices such as Bao Chicka Bao Bao (lemongrass chicken) ad YVR (ahi tuna). Warning, you’ll hurt yourself if you try to fit the whole thing in your mouth at once,

25. If you’e cock-a-doodle-do for chicken wings, then head on down to the following places for dirt cheap wings:

26. I already love Mission for their really wonderful cocktails but now there’s a better reason to love them more –  Wednesday to Sunday 5-30 to $630 all of  their snacks are 50% off so you can munch on buttermilk fried enoki mushroom for $3, green garbanzo hummus with crudite for $3, oyster pancake with grilled mussels for $4.50. Then on Sunday from 9-12, there’s $5 bar snacks which change week to week but for example Slow cooked lamb belly with quinoa salad, hush puppies with smoked birch butter, albacore tuna croquettes with saffron aioli.

27.  If you’re yearning for pizza, go to Fire Pizza where you can get pizza slices for $2.14 a slice and if you’re lucky, you might be able to get a slice of their Chicken Masala or Honey Garlic Pork pizza.




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  1. Marc    

    Dianne, I know you have enjoyed the food and drinks at Mission in the past. Our new happy hour menu has some great deals: W-Sun 5-30 to $630 all of our snacks are 50% off so buttermilk fried enoki mushroom $3, green garbanzo hummus with crudite $3, oyster pancake with grilled mussels $4.50. Sunday from 9-12 we have $5 bar snacks which change week to week but for example Slow cooked lamb belly with quinoa salad, hush puppies with smoked birch butter, albacore tuna croquettes with saffron aioli.

    1. Dianne    

      Thanks for the info, I’ll add this to this blog post and to my happy hour section. Looks like I’ll have to come ad try your happy hour when my broken leg is completely healed.

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