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Is there anything better than a belly full of eggs bennies from Cabrito? Yes Italian pastries from Fratelli Bakery, wholesome goodness from Eternal Abundance, a fragrant cup of java goodness from the Drive Coffee and classic Italian fare from Federico’s Supper Club . The Commercial Street Drive Brunch Crawl, just like the Commercial drive itself, featured a collection of eclectic bites and beverages.

1728 Commercial Drive
Twitter: @FedericosClub 
Cuisine: Italian

Commercial Brunch Crawl

Crostini Con Uovs di Quaglia e Prosciutto, Arancini Con Pecorino,


Registration was at Federico’s Supper Club, a venue I’m familiar with as I’ve been here before on numerous occasions as it’s one of the few upscale nightclub venues in Vancouver that features live entertainment, dinner and dancing. The owner, Federico Fuoco sings here regularly along with a rooster of jazz bands and tribute bands. Our tasting plates of Cicchetti or Italian tapas came on a wooden board arranged in the order as displayed on our place setting, along with an optional wine pairing which could be purchased at $8, which I abstained from as it was our first stop and we thought it too early to have wine at 9:30 a.m. i loved all the Italian tapas here as every one showcased Italian flavours such as prosciutto crostino with the perfectly cooked quail egg and saffron risotto balls. I have never yet been disappointed with any meal I’ve had here as everything is always executed well and portions are usually Italian mother sized.

Crostini el Pesto di Noci Gorgonzola and Crostino di Polenta Speck e Gruyere

Eternal Abundance
1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Twitter: @EternalAbundanc
Instagram: eternalabundance


Flax cracker with a flower cheese, kale Caesar salad, Pad Thai

Because I’m somewhat sensitive to dairy I always clap my hands, and legs too as I’m very ambidextrous, in glee whenever there’s a vegan restaurant on the list. Eternal Abundance didn’t fail to disappoint as the Flax Seed Cracker which contains an earthy goodness with dimensions of flavour you’d never get with store-bought crackers was so good with the sunflower cheese which looked and tasted more like hummus than cheese – not that I’m complaining. The Pad Thai made with thin zucchini noodles hit the spot with its slight spicy flavours and paired so nicely with the crispy fresh Kale salad which had a light dressing. I loved the Flax Seed Crackers so much that I bought some with my 15% discount card which we received with our Tasting Plate. But on my way out spied a counter full of vegan desserts such as key lime pie made with avocados and dates and chocolate macarons made with coconut and maple syrup, all of course dairy free which means I can pig out on desserts to my hearts intent without any after effects. Eternal Abundance is truly a haven for anyone whose vegan, gluten-free or dairy sensitive whose seeking a refuge from the allergen laden world as it is sells everything from kombucha, Sprouted nut butters, dried fruits, gluten-free flours and even books and DVDs to aid you to a healthier lifestyle.

The Drive Coffee Bar
1670 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
Twitter: @TheDriveCoffee
Cuisine: Coffee and cafe

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Commercial Drive has long been a breeding ground for coffee drinkers because in the summertime everywhere you look, the sidewalks are riddled with sidewalk patios alive with coffee drinkers. The Drive Coffee Bar not only serves coffee such as salted caramel cappuccino which was one of our choices for our Tasting Plates, but a hot cup of peppermint hot chocolate with a.vegan option of almond milk which was most welcome on this unusually cold winter day. No complaints here.


Fratelli Bakery
1795 Commercial Drive
Twitter: @fratellibakery 
Cuisine: Italian Bakery

Espresso almond biscotti, mini chocolate salted caramel cupcake, Sicilian cannoli, Nutella macaroons

Fratelli Bakery embodies all the true essence of Commercial Drive as it’s a true expression of Italian flavour as every single piece of pastry that is baked here is so expressive of (talian flavours from their luxurious creamy Sicilian cannoli, decadent St. Honore cakes St Honore Cake (puff pastry filled with Bavarian cream, Vermouth and sponge cake) which I used to order for birthdays back in my dairy eating days. Our Tasting Plate was absolutely delicious as the cupcake was moist and had a rich chocolate flavour, while the espresso almond bisccotti was not too hard or too soft and had a deep espresso flavour. The Nutella macaroon had a definite chocolate flavour as I’ve had some macaroons that were lacking and only tasted like sweet buttercream. As for the Sicilian cannoli, that I had to forego but my friends tell me that it was definitely very good and was made from fresh cream. Of course, I couldn’t leave without buying the white chocolate ginger biscotti and lemon almond biscotti.

Cabrito Tapas
2270 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Twitter: @cabritotapas @vanfoodster #BrunchcrawlsYVR
Cuisine: Spanish

Mushroom benny

Having spent 17 days in Barcelona in 2016, I fell in love with tapas bars because to me, tapas are just an excuse to try everything in the menu which I did. I’ve been dying to come here and was happy to see this restaurant on the Commercial Street Brunch Crawl. We had only two choices for our Tasting Plates: mushroom benny and Pan Con Tomato which unlike the version I had in Barcelona, had cheese in it. So I had to  choose the mushroom benny which was good and tasted like any other benny I’ve had but would have preferred if there were some elements of Spanish flavour. So I guess I’ll have to come back to try the Olive oil Pancakes with dulce de leche, chocolate & fresh fruit or feature smoked patata brava. And of course pair it with Cava and other great selections of Spanish wine.



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