Hello my name is Dianne and I’m a sugarholic. I love all things sweet and will eat anything with sugar in it from sweet wines, milk chocolate treats, freshly baked flaky pastries to ooey gooey decadent desserts. And I’m ashamed to say that I once spent more money in bakeshops than restaurants on one of my recent trips to the Big Apple. My friends now refuse to go out to dinner with me as their desserts somehow end up missing. And at a recent opening party at Mon Paris Pâtisserie, I ended up not eating one of everything, but two before anyone arrived to the party which resulted in me being banned from all bakery opening parties.

But in my defence, I couldn’t help myself. I mean, the pure essence of mango and passion fruit flavours in the mousse (middle pastry in photo below) practically exploded on my mouth giving me such a rush of unbelievable pleasure. And then there’s the Black Currant Mousse (far right in the photo below) with its gelee centre and yogurt coating is simply sublime if you like jellies.


And should I tell you about the Raspberry and Chocolate Eclairs with the fresh cream and light texture that makes me feel like I could eat 20 of these in 10 minutes – oh shit, I think I did. And believe it or not, I followed this with 5 of the Russian Medovik (honey cakes) and 5 of the Opera Cakes which had such a lovely deep rich coffee flavour to it.

Besides desserts, the chocolates are wonderful with their very distinct flavours of pomegranate, lime mojito, tiramisu, Black Forest and more. So good, that I think I exceeded the current Guinness World Book Record for eating the most number of chocolates in two minutes. I don’t know, do you think 50 is a bit much?


As for the pastries, well I can vouch that Chef Elena Krasnova practices Julia Child’s three philosophies of French cooking: butter, butter and butter. The Canele had a wonderful spongelike texture with a burnt sugar edge and there’s a chewy middle section that tastes like custard cake. And if you’re nuts over nuts, the Pistachio Turnover is chock full of a gorgeous ground pistachio mixture of butter and spices from corner to corner.


Left to right – pistachio turnover, chocolates (coconut mango, coconut caramel, tiramisu, Black Forest, Milano) and Canele 

Chef Elena Krasnova doesn’t skimp with her ingredients which I find sometimes happens in order to reduce overhead costs and increase profits. Each piece of pastry, dessert and chocolate has its own very distinct flavour and is as good as any bakery I’ve been to in France or even Dominque Ansel, the pastry king in New York who has the magical ability to make people stand in line for hours for his cronuts. FYI that fool wasn’t me, but the $60 worth of pastry I bought at Dominique’s was outstanding!

So take my word, Mon Paris Patisserie isn’t the place to go for those of us on the sugar bandwagon. It’s a very dangerous place as you won’t be satisfied until you’ve eaten at least 20,000 calories of her lethally decadent desserts. And as a confirmed sugarholic, I’m telling you, don’t go there because you will be seriously addicted.



Pictured Left to right – Medovik, Opera Cake and Cheesecake..


About Mon Paris Pâtisserie

Complete with a 600 square foot open-concept kitchen, the clean and simple design of Mon Paris Pâtisserie houses an enchanting café with intimate bistro-style seating (patio space coming in Spring). The menu offers premium Republica Coffee Roasters beverages, specialty tea and other drinks complimenting her array of homemade pasty, gourmet lunch options and – of course – premium Cacao Barry chocolate confections.

Guests will be granted a birds-eye view of all the culinary action thanks to her open concept kitchen where pastries, chocolates and stunning cakes come to life.  Among many signature creations, Chef Elena will showcase a modern take on classic French desserts like the ‘Opera’ (intense coffee flavours melded with moist dark chocolate mousse) featuring items available for purchase in-store and through pre order.  Custom wedding, special occasion cakes, corporate gifts and packaged items will be available upon request and private consultation.

Those looking to hone their own culinary skills (professional or not) will have the opportunity to do so thanks to intimate pastry and chocolate making classes offered by Chef Elena on a regular basis. Registration will be available online with a monthly calendar coming soon.

Mon Paris Pâtisserie will be open Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and on Saturday from 8am to 5pm. For information please visit:

Raspberry and chocolate eclairs

About Chef Elena Krasnova

Chef Krasnova trained at the famed Ferrandie Ecole de Gastronomie in Paris, and is pleased to bring a quintessential Parisian experience to guests who can expect to enjoy exquisite French pastries with a contemporary twist, made with the best local and international ingredients. Driven by quality and visual appeal, Chef Krasnova creates imaginative works of texture and flavour in all her offerings.



Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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