Cosi Fan Tutte

Cosi Fan Tutte – Photo Credit:  Diamond’s Edge


Opera Mariposa presents
Cosi Fan Tutte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

November 30 and December 1, 7 & 8, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Marpole United Church (1296 West 67th Ave. Vancouver)

My Review

Friviolity… chaos… deception… love… jealously… treachery – words that could be used to describe the movie Amadeus which depicted the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But on this dreary December night in Marpole, the same words came floating into my head as I watched the brilliant cast of Opera Mariposa perform Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte.

This was actually the first Mozart opera that I’ve ever attended, as opera performances usually cost a pretty penny ($100+) and therefore out of range with my house rich and cash poor budget. But since I discovered Opera Mariposa (or rather, they discovered my blog), it’s been a privilege to be invited to their performances of which tickets are under $30 (no, this isn’t a typo). Singers at Opera Mariposa performances are young emerging opera singers whose voices never falter in their quest to conquer the highest and lowest note. And not surprisingly, Jacqueline Ko (Artistic Director of Opera Mariposa) who plays Fiodiligi is flawless as her sopranic voice soars the low notes of sorrow and rides the high crescendos of giddiness in this tale of fickle love. Shante Van Horlick who plays Dorabella has a melodic mezzo-soprano voice which offsets Jacqueline’s high notes like two riders on a tandem bicycle who pedal in unison. Both women demonstrate their ability to emote love, despair, confusion and enrapture through their operatic performances as does Lyndon Ladeur, tenor (Ferrando) and Cameron Killick, baritone (Guglielmo) who play the two brothers who plot to deceive backfires.

The roles of Julia Rooney, soprano (Despina) and Michael MacKinnon, bass-baritone (Don Alfronso) are more comedic, adding an extra dimension of frivolity to this tale of women’s wiles gone wild. The only downside to this opera was that a few scenes featured songs with a single line that was sung for more than 15 minutes, but then again, I’ve never been a fan of any song that had just a few lines. But overall, I found the modern adaption of Cosi Fan Tutte clever as they managed to incorporate props such as the iPhone and emoticons in humorous ways to elicits laughs. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of the men in the audience that the two sisters’ glamorous bikinis adorned with bling bling was a more than welcome change from the usual “buttoned up from your ankle to your chin” medieval dresses. Meanwhile, the women in the audience sat there silently vowing to start on our diets the minute we left the venue. Well at least, I did.

Enthralling… entertaining… engaging… exceptional… exhilarating… enrapturous… all of this words together summarized the evening’s performance of Opera Mariposa presentation of Cosi Fan Tutte.  Don’t miss the Opera Mariposa’s next performance!  Connect with Opera Mariposa on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and YouTube, and sign up for their mailing list to be notified about giveaways, ticket discounts and more!

Cosi Fan Tutte

About Cosi Fan Tutte

Opera Mariposa is kicking off their 2018-19 season by bringing a classic Mozart opera into the 21st century! In Così fan tutte, love has many faces when an old cynic convinces two young men to test the affections of their girlfriends by formulating an elaborate plot. Don’t miss this rollicking tale of disguise, scandal and romantic antics, featuring a fresh new interpretation as well as two casts of acclaimed and multi-award-winning artists from across North America and Europe. Performed in Italian with English subtitles.

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Cast of Cosi Fan Tutte

Stage Director
Robin Hahn

Music Director
Ian Dives

Ryan Goetz

FIORDILIGI – Jacqueline Ko (Nov 30 & Dec 8), Kathryn Nickford (Dec. 1 & 7)
DORABELLA – Shanté Van Horlick (Nov 30 & Dec 8), Melissa Ratcliff (Dec 1 & 7)
FERRANDO – Lyndon Ladeur
GUGLIELMO – Cameron Killick, Brandon Adams (cover)
DESPINA – Julia Rooney (Nov 30 & Dec 8), Katrina Goh (Dec 1 & 7), Nancy Hasiuk-Lay (cover)
DON ALFONSO – Alexander Adams-Leytes (Nov 30 & Dec 1), Michael MacKinnon (Dec 7 &8)

What critics have to say about Opera Mariposa:

Opera Mariposa stands at the forefront of Vancouver’s opera scene.”
– The Vancouver Project

“Opera has a reputation as an art form steeped in starchy tradition, but Opera Mariposa’s recent performance of The Telephone broke up preconceptions by running the full gamut of being laugh-out-loud funny [to] haunting and beautiful.”
– Glass City on The Telephone (2014)

“Always passionate and passionately sung… there was possibly not a dry eye in the house.”
– Review Vancouver on The Butterfly (2014)

“Well-honed delightful an excellent harbinger of more well-cast and well-directed operas to come.”
– Opera Canada on Don Pasquale (2013)

“Run and buy tickets if you’d like an evening of delight.”
– Review Vancouver on La serva padrona (2013)

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