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From Modern Vietnamese food at House Special, Thai comfort food at budget friendly prices at Bob Pochana Thai, fragrant Indian curry at Davie Dosa and authentic Indian buffet items from Indian Delicacy, it was all about curry at Curry Fest.

Pochana Thai 
1660 Robson Street, Vancouver 
instagram @bobpochana

Bob Pochana

Green Curry Chicken and Penang Beef

Green Curry Chicken (basil, eggplant, bamboo shoots) and Penang Beef (coconut milk based panang curry with beef, basil, bell peppers, Kafir lime leaf)

If you’ve ever been to Bob Loves Thai Food, then you’ll be happy to know that Bob Pochana is basically the same Thai comfort food that’s has fragrant spices and flavours, except that the description of this locale describes it as Thai street food.  This location is very casual, as the menu items are all written on a menu board and you have to order from the counter.  But what I love about this location is that the most expensive menu item is $16 making it tres affordable.  Less expensive items are $5 food satays, spring rolls and tofu, but don’t leave here without trying Bob’s Poutine with taro root, tofu, green curry, lemongrass and lime leaf which I’ve had before and is a definite winner for people who love the taste of taro root – ME!.

Our Tasting Plate of the Green Curry Chicken and Penang Beef wasn’t too spicy and had the typical green curry flavour made from basil which I love made with coconut milk which makes those of us with dairy issues very happy indeed.

Bob Pochana


House Special
1269 Hamilton St, Vancouver
Twitter: @housespecialvan

House Special

Monk’s Kobocha Curry and Curry Mushroom Fried Rice

Every time I go to House Special it never fails to impress as I find the food here truly is modern take on Vietnamese with the kitchen churning out dishes that are unique in flavour.  I mean, where do you see dishes such as Chicken Pomelo Salad, Confit duck frybread (seasame hollow bread) or Son-In-Law Eggs (soft-boiled eggs with chili & tamarind jam) on the menu?

Our Tasting Plate here was Monk’s Kobocha Curry and Curry Mushroom Fried Rice  which was my favorite Tasting Plate at Curry Fest as this dish had its own unique flavour that I’ve never tasted before at any restaurant.  Kobocha by the way, is a Japanese pumpkin so if you’re not a fan of squash, you might not like this dish.  I’m not entirely sure what spices are in it’s not listed on House Special’s regular menu.  This dish makes it easy to eat every single vegetable on your plate before dessert and vegetarians/vegans should come to House Special if they like spice.  House Special also offers pick-up or delivery using YPdine.


Davie Dosa Company
1235 Davie Street, Vancouver
Twitter @daviedosa
Instagram @daviedosacompany

Davie Dosa

Lamb with Papaver Bracteatum paste and Vegetable Pilaf

Slow cooked lamb with rich traditional Indian spices and herbs, curry finished with virgin coconut meat.  “Papaver Bracteamtum silky paste.  Served with Vegetable Pilaf cooked in coconut stock and spices

I’ve been to Davie Dosa numerous times (and even on my own dime) and one thing I can say is that the quality of the food is very consistent.  Meat is always tender and portions are good and you won’t leave hungry.  The dosas here are giantic and are a meal onto themselves for just $9 – $13. There’s also plenty of vegetarian options and vegan options such as marinated deep fried cauliflower and Medhu Vada lentil donuts.

Our Tasting Plate here was Lamb with Papaver Bracteatum paste and Vegetable Pilaf. It was very tender and flavourful with a pleasant mild heat, as sometimes I just want curry for the taste and not for the kick-you-in-the-pants spiciness. Also if you cook lamb in curry, the spiciness of the curry tones down the gaminess of the lamb. I wasn’t sure what “Papaver Bracteamtum” was so I googled it and articles came up referencing opium as “Papaver Bracteamtum” is apparently made from Persian Poppy.  But like poppyseed muffins, there isn’t enough of this Persian Poppy to get even remotely “happy”.  Um that’s what alcohol is for.  And if you’re a typical Asian like me, one dab will do ya.



Indian Delicacy 
1130 West Pender Street, Vancouver 
Instagram @indiandelicacyrestaurant

Indian Delicacy

Methi Chicken and Chana Masala

Methi Chicken cooked with garlic and dry funugreek seeds and Chana Masala, garbanzo (chick peas cooked with onions, ginger and spices)

I love it when an Indian restaurant has menu items that I’ve never heard of as I’m frankly tired of just seeing the same old same Tandori Chicken and Chicken Vindaloo (although I do love these two items).  I have actually walked past Indian Delicacy’s sign a few times at lunch time as I work downtown and I wondered what their lunch buffet is all about.  Who doesn’t love buffets?  But at the moment, there is construction in the front of the office building where Indian Delicacy is located so you might miss the sign. Also you have to walk to the side and back of the building as Indian Delicacy has its own door.  We initially thought this place was in the office building as there wasn’t any signs indicated you have to walk to the back of the building.

Indian Delicacy

Indian Delicacy Buffet – $15.95

Our Tasting Plate of Methi Chicken and Chana Masala was really flavourful with fragrant spices and not too spicy (unless you’re someone who can’t handle spices). The naan which came with our dishes tasted like it was straight out of the oven and had plenty of butter. There aren’t too many Indian restaurants downtown which offer lunch for the business crowd, so if you’re craving Indian, there’s a lunch buffet for $15.95 which you can eat in or all you can take out.  What I particularly like that is there is a separate section for “Vegan Dishes Dairy Free and Gluten Free”  which has Vegetables Coconut and Potato Caulflower.  But when I was looking at the menu, I noticed that there was a gluten free bread made with chickpeas called Missi Roti  and “Lamb or Chicken Koorma” cooked in a rich creamy cashew nut sauce”.  Also “Masala”, “Vindaloo” and “Biryani” dishes don’t have dairy.

The next Tasting Plate event is Noodle Mania on Wednesday, January 6, 2019 presented by Vancouver Foodster, featuring what else but noodles!  Early and get your tickets, because the earlier you buy, the cheaper the price will be.




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