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It’s hard not to fall in love with Peruvian cuisine which combines the best of Japanese, Chinese, Latin, German and Italian cultures.  Chicha Restaurant is that restaurant where the influence of these cultures are commingled into menu items with vibrant bright flavours in unimaginable combinations.  During Dine Out Vancouver, because Chicha’s $30 menu allows you to choose one appetizer, two entrees and one dessert, it gives you a good overview of Peruvian tapas.  But as many know, tapas are best shared with friends for the ultimate food experience  – the more friends you book Dine Out with, the more of China’s Dine Out menu you can sample.  Would be I be cheating now if I ended this blog post now by saying, I’ve had it all, so order it all because everything is stupendous?

  • 136 E Broadway
    Vancouver BC V5T 1V9

japonaisa ensalada
 japananese pickles, soba noodles, spinich gomae, rocoto ginger dressing, lotus root chips
– OR –
Local Seafood Aji Amarillo Chowder
assorted local and sustainable seafood chowder, red nugget potato
– OR –
Plantains and trio of sauces
crispy plantains, trio of aji and huacatay Peruvian sauces



Entree 1
Chalaco Ceviche
albacore tuna, sockeye salmon, pacific ling cod, scallops, prawns, green tigre de leche marinade, fresh oranges and rocoto chili dusted calamari.  This is the ultimate seafood fan’s dish as it has so many different seafood elements. I especially like the fresh crispness of the arugula which gives it a wonderful contrasting texture.


Entree 2
Yuca Bola
cassava root croquettes filled with asiago cheese, cream cheese, jalapeno, and scallions with huancainiana.  It’s a combination of luxurious rich cream cheese combined with the sharpness of the asiago that makes this dish ultra decadent and may prove to be a little too much for some but perfect for others.


Entree 3
Tacu Tacu
lima bean and rice cakes with spicy butternut squash stew, fried quail’s egg and shaved parmesan

Entree 4
Aji Amarillo Pollo Anticuchos
Aji amarillo chili marinated chicken breast, brown buttered potato, choclo savory peruvian corn, trio of peruvian sauces

IMG_9980-2Entree 5
Lomo Saltado
Medium rare flank steak, peppers, tomatoes, onions, kennebec fries, rich veal demi stir fry.  Steak
and potatoes never had it this good with the oh so tender pieces of beef and the luscious
veal demi glace that is so good that you’ll want to sop it up with the crispy fries.  Don’t trust
the man in your life to share this with you.


Entree 6
Causa Verduras
Beet root whipped potato topped with lima bean puree, pickled beets, and rocoto chili dusted yam chips.
If you’re a potato salad fan, don’t order this because it will ruin you for potato salad as there’s
so much flavour in this with the sweetness of the beet and buttery texture of the lima bean puree.
The crispy yam chips are also so addicting.


Entree 7
Costillas de Cerdo
Orange and panca chili glazed baby back ribs with double smoked bacon, red nugget, and green bean potato salad.  I liked the lip smacking tender ribs although I found the orange
sauce a little too sweet and wished that more of the bacon flavour came through.

Entree 8
Mejillones Claientes
mussels and chorizo steamed in rocoto chili, white wine, and tomato broth, with sweet peppers and huacatay butter and quinoa and honey bread crustini.  What is there to hate about this
dish?  Absolutely nothing as the chorizo in the broth brings spiciness to
the dish that makes you want to lick the bowl over and over again



Entree 9
dark beer and cilantro slow braised pork cheeks with butternut squash and kale barley rissotto,
A great dish as the dark beer gives the tender pork cheeks a rich earthy flavour.  The 
rissotto is cooked perfectly and I loved that they paired it with two ingredients 
that usually aren’t served with rissotto as the kale makes it taste so fresh.


pot de creme
~white chocolate, lucuma fruit and lime pot de creme, candied cancha corn, and sugared plantains.
A lighter version of pot de creme that is light.  I liked the crispness of the sugared plantains as it matched with the contrasting the creamy mixture.

– OR –


Peruvian Caramel Shortbread cookies
~gooseberry and orange curd.
I really liked this dessert as it has so many different fruits on it such as kiwi, 
blackberry.  The tartness of the gooseberry curd adds to the shortbread while
contrasting with the sweeter orange curd.

– OR –
Bartender’s choice coffee drink

Besides wine, there’s also Pisco Sours such as Earl Grey Pisco or Spiced Pisco on the menu if you love tart drinks with egg white foam.






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