Doi Chaang Coffee

Doi Chaang Coffee Company teams up with
Vanguard Investments to offer commuters
a cup of premium quality Fairtrade coffee for $0.22


Doi Chaang Coffee is getting ready to celebrate the Thai New Year Festival of Songkran and we want Vancouver to celebrate with us. From April 5-7 morning commuters in Vancouver will receive a 16oz cup of freshly brewed coffee for only $0.22. Doi Chaang Coffee offers premium, organic certified, and beyond fair trade coffee from Thailand.


Doi Chaang Coffee has teamed up with Vanguard Investments and will be operating a pop up coffee shop at Burrard Station from April 5-7 between 6 and 11 am – or until supplies run out. We will be selling two of our premium blends- Social Medium (a medium blend) and Hardwired (dark roast blend), for only $0.22 a cup.


April 5-7, 2016
6:00 – 11:00 AM


Burrard Station
635 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC


Doi Chaang Coffee is beyond fair trade – which means the coffee farmers in the Northern Thailand village of Doi Chang own 50% of the company and receive 50% of the profits earned.

Doi Chaang Coffee Company

Doi Chaang Coffee Company is a local Vancouver family-owned, funded and operated venture recognized for its unique BEYOND FAIR TRADE® business structure which returns the majority of the profits to the coffee farmers.

Doi Chaang Coffee is one of the most innovative, social responsible, yet economically viable, specialty coffees on the market. The company is revolutionizing what “fair trade” means within the coffee industry and dramatically improving the lives of the Doi Chaang Coffee farmers.

The indigenous AKHA hill tribe cultivates and processes the Arabica coffee in family owned gardens in Doi Chang Village located in the Chang Rai province of northern Thailand.

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