The only thing that gets me out of the bed early on the weekend is the promise of a half-cooked runny egg smothered with hollandaise sauce and a tall dark java also to shake the last of my sand dust from my eyes so a brunch crawl through downtown is exactly what the foodmeister ordered

Being media means never having to say I’m sorry but I’m eating before you but boo hoo that wasn’t the case at the Kingston Pub. I arrived early at 9:30 tomorrow be ushered downstairs at 10am but by 10:25 I’ve watched 5-10 seated after me leisurely enjoy their breakfast leading me to conclude that these were the brunch Nazis. No brunch for you!


Hello Chicken & waffles, and Monsieur Andre which is a twist on Crocque Monsieur of rye bread filled with brie, fontina cheese. At this time I’m starved  and thirsty so at Frankie’s Italian Kitchen & Bar we indulged in $5 mimosas while we finally chowed down. It’s not bad, but as not as good as their pasta selection such as the Sunday Gnocchi with three types of meat in the sauce. But there’s also an interesting Tuscan Italian hash with Italian sausage, mozzarella and tomato. And hold me down, but Frankie’s Bar has karaoke on Saturday nights and happy hour specials such as Shooter Saturdays for $5 that should prove to be incentive for a good sing song tra la la.


Once upon 40 or 50 ex-boyfriends ago, I used to eat at Copper Chimney 2-3 times a week for about two months and the quality of the food hasn’t changed as demonstrated by the spicy and flavourful butter chicken tasting plate with the fragrant naan. You can order the butter chicken with poutine during their happy hour special from Monday to Friday from 3–6pm and Saturday & Sunday 5- 7pm which pairs quite nicely with the $6 wine x 10.


Breakfast sandwich with fritta made with fresh eggs, roasted leeks, kale and shiitake mushrooms served with kale hazelnut peston on whole wheat flatbread, topped with radish spouts

Being Asian means being being fed by my parents very healthy foods that although abundant in nutrition and vitamins aren’t that great in taste so I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy the tasting plates for Nourish Vancouver. But the whole combination just tastes like a cornucopia of bright and simple and clean flavours. And paired with cold pressed carrot orange ginger and kale and apple juices from the Juice Box makes this breakfast entree something that should be on everyone’s health regime.


Dark chocolate ganache from Living Lotus – something that is dairy free and gluten-free shouldn’t taste this good or should it?  You can find Nourish inside Choprka Yoga Centre and doing the backward dog isn’t a requirement to enter, just a desire to eat wholesome organic food.


Looking for Mr. Bean in all the right places, Trees Organic Coffee owner Doron Levy travels the world personally selecting the beans, buying only 100% certified Organic coffee which is roasted at the Granville Street Roasting House in small batches to ensure quality utilizing this roaster. And paired with their fresh coffee is their I can’t get it in my mouth fast enough traditional “New York” style cheesecake which selection changes daily, which I can vouch is the best I’ve had in Vancouver besides my own drunk cheesecake. The spinach and feta scone and raspberry chocolate scone with organic Penachi Peru coffee proves that Trees is more than just cheesecake.

brunch029California roll with migas, Signature BBQ ribs, broccoli and green bean marinated with sweet sesame puree

Rice is nice and the Chinese know that as many will begin their day with congee which is a rice based porridge so it wasn’t strange for me to have sushi at Shuraku Sake Bar and Bistro for brunch. I took the ribs home as I was getting full by this time, but once I had them for dinner, it wasn’t a mystery why it’s their signature item as its everything a rib should be – tender and flavourful.

brunch033Chocolate hazelnut croissant, almond and blueberry brioche, white chocolate pistacho cookie and baguette

Many of my friends rave about Small Victory Bakery and so it was no surprise that most of the take out goodies here were delicious with the hazelnut croissant and almond and blueberry brioche being buttery and flakey.  The white chocolate pistachio cookie was okay as wasn’t as sweet as most cookies I’ve had. Glancing down the counter, I noticed people eating huge piled high sandwiches served on cutting boards. I was also caught drooling over a giant mound aka carrot cake and those diners said it was the best carrot cake they have ever tasted. Of special note was the fact that they make their own almond milk and I could taste the difference as it had a fresh taste. I gave these guys a big V for Victory as they definitely scored on taste, portions and presentation.


Italian Toast (freshly baked sweet Italian Brioche coated in organic free range eggs topped with fresh seasonal fruit), Il Tricolore brunch pizza (roasted peppers & eggplants, scrambled organic free range egg and fior di latte), Chocolate G Cookie with Tahitian Vanilla Gelato

I purposely planned to be at Bella Gelateria last so that I would linger leisurely and lovingly over one of James Colebrige’s gelatinis along with my tasting plate which they happily switched for a non-dairy version. The pizza was okay but not being able to have cheese, I prefer the thin flatbread version. But as always no complaints, but big happy smiles ensue after one of James’ gelatini of Harvest Isola of Vodka, ginger liqueur, spiced cider & prosecco with lemon sorbetto.  BTW there were no complaints from my friends over the actual tasting plate above. And as with any brunch crawl excursion, we spent the rest of the afternoon engaging in happy conversations while our happy tummies digested the brunch treasures of the day.




Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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