What started as a business in Emani’s basement to create a line that only looks good in your skin but is good for your skin has now blossomed into a business ready to be launched in the cosmetic counters of London Drugs.  It’s a line of vegan cosmetics that is specifically designed to enhance the appearance and well-being of problematic skin and I can vouch for that as I have bouts of eczema.  Its made from organic biotanicals, oils and waxes with no harsh chemicals like other cosmetics.  I’ve never tried any vegan cosmetics before, so I was thrilled to take home a few products for my very first Emani vegan cosmetics review,

EmaniCorrector2On a hot summer day it’s tough to find primers and foundations that not only manage to hide those nasty skin blemishes and imperfections but don’t feel heavy and end up melting under the hot skin.  Emani Primer Serum feels light and actually lasts all day when used in conjunction with the Emani HD Corrective Concealer.  Its a beneficial serum made from ginkgo bilboa extract, chamomile, witch hazel and  aloe barbadensis leaf juice which calms, tones and moisturizes the skin. .Available at London Drugs for $35.00

EmaniLipShine2Infused with Vitamin C, there’s nothing about Emani HD Corrective Concealer  that clogs up our pores.  Although it’s a concealer, I actually use this as a foundation over the primer and poof, all my imperfections are hidden and I have the same smooth finish on my face similar to that when I use a foundation.  Available at London Drugs for $22.00

I think I just found my new favorite lip gloss as Emani Lip Shine is truly moisturizing as it has Vitamin E and seems to have a consistency that isn’t as thin as other glosses which gives it a really full shiny sheen on your lips.  Coming soon to London Drugs, approximately $16.00








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