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If there’s anything I’ve learned about cosmetics, it’s that spending more money on a cosmetic product doesn’t necessarily guarantee better results. In fact, my eye lids are so oily that even when I apply the super duper strength MAC pigments three or four times, the colour still fades after 3 hours of wear. So when I find a product like Essence Cosmetics that gives me great results without draining my pocketbook I’m more than ecstatic to say the least.

I’ve never heard of Essence Cosmetics (which apparently is a German company who sells eye makeup at affordable prices) as I’m not one of those women who isn’t keen on trying every makeup product that comes on the market. So when I received some samples for the #essenceeyechallenge I wasn’t sure what to expect. The following are my results but keep in mind that I have oily skin which makes it more difficult for makeup to have staying power.

essence_9197A soft autumn look with Forbidden Volume Mascara, All About Bronze Eye Palette, Smokey Eye Pencil, Dip Eyeliner

essence_dianne1I loved the Forbidden Volume Mascara ($4.99) as it really did give my lashes a lot of volume in one easy swoop due to the thick shape of the brush. I found it clumped a little, but to date I’ve found all mascaras do – it’s the ones that clump a lot, that you throw out.  The All About Bronze Eye Palette ($5.49) had soft muted browns and beige colours that are perfect for work and I found that these colours did last for about four hours which was great.

The gray Smokey 2-in-1 Eye Pencil ($4.49) is great to smudge on the bottom of the eye to give it a softer look than black but this didn’t last long on my oily skin. The Dip Eyeliner ($3.99) went on easily and you don’t get too much on the brush so it’s easier to paint a thin line in your lids and it doesn’t run. Although it dries quickly., I found it didn’t last past two hours on my oily lids.




The Velvets, Superfine eyeliner pen and forbidden top coat mascara and rebel mascara

eye shadows ($4.99) I received were very subtle colours meant to produce a soft look for the eyes which is great for emphasizing your lips with a red sultry lip colour. I found The Velvets eye shadows and black Superfine Eyeliner Pen ($3.99) lasted for 4+ hrs and loved that the Forbidden Rebel Mascara ($4.99) with the Forbidden Top Coat Mascara ($4.99) gave my lashes the volume and length I wanted. My only issue is that because my bottom lid was much oiler than the I had to resort to using an eyeliner pencil as the black Superfine eyeliner pen didn’t work there.



essence_dianne3Because the 2-in-1 Liner and Shadows ($4.99) I received were lighter colours I wouldn’t normally use as eyeliners or eye shadows, I used these under the brow and used a teal colour eye shadow from a different cosmetic line so I could create that sultry blue look by applying the black Superfine Eyeliner Pencil ($2.99) on the top lid and blue Effect Long Lasting Eye Pencil ($2.99) on the bottom eye lid.

All products seem to last 4+ hours so I’ll be headed back to Shoppers Drug Mart on Granville and Laurel to buy the Effect Long Lasting Eye Pencil in black to use on the bottom of my eye.  Not all Shoppers Drug Marts sell Essence Cosmetics and the easiest way to buy them is to shop online at the Essence website.







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