Federicos Beatles Tribute

Day Trippers sings Beatles songs at Federicos Supper Club

Day Trippers sings Beatles songs at Federicos Supper Club


The Day Trippers

‘Beatles Experience’

Friday, July 24 2015
$55 – includes a 3 course dinner, show fee & dancing


Back for an encore performance!

The Day Trippers are a Vancouver based Beatles tribute band, transporting you back to the touring days of the early 1960s.  The band embodies the exuberance of the early 1960s spirit that Beatles brought to the stage.  Inspired by the mod culture and a love of blues and pop music, The Day Trippers deliver the incredible music of the Beatles at their energetic peak at this Federicos Beatles Tribute.

Marty Zylstra as “John”

Marty grew up in various places across Canada from northern British Columbia to the prairies to Northern Ontario and back. Being a preacher’s son, Marty learned to sing from old time gospel hymns and eventually took on the guitar,influenced by his musical heroJohn Lennon. When not singing his favourite Beatles songs with The Day Trippers, he records and performs as a solo artist and with his backing band The Canadas.

Nick Jones as “Paul”

Born on a bicycle, Nick spent his childhood being on a bicycle, and enjoying good times with family and friends, on a bicycle. His love of harmonies led to his love of The Beatles while riding abicycleand he has studied music all his life, also on a bicycle. Having focused on playing bass in several bands in his life, Nick provides a rock solid foundation for The Day Trippers sound and lends his great singing voice to the role of bicycling Paul McCartney. When not performing on stage, Nick is an avid cyclist.

Mike Couttsas “George”

Mike was born and raised in Vancouver and has always had a passion for music, sparked by listening to his parents’ Beatles albums as a kid. Their incredible music inspired Mike to pick up the guitar at the age of 19 and see where it would lead. Being the youngest in the band, he found a kindred spirit in George Harrison and has sought to bring that special something “the quiet one” possessed to the stage with The Day Trippers.

Mike Herle as “Ringo”

Mike is a musical minnow, born by a lake in Saskatchewan where he swam and swung in jazz, wedding and dance bands and played in the Regina Symphony. He plunged headfirst into The Beatles music as a teenager, playing along to his sister’s Beatles albums. Since moving to Vancouver, he plays in various bands, including Tongue and Femme Zeppelin. The Beatles remain his first love, however, with Ringo’s amazing mastery of styles being a school of fish where Mike will forever swim

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Federico’s Supper Club
1728 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BCV5N 4A3




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