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If you’re tired of going to happy hours which offer the typical offerings of fries, sliders and buck-a-suck oysters in loud and boisterous bars and want something more upscale complete with the strumming of a live guitarist in the background, then head on over to Federico’s Italian happy hour with Italian inspired food and crazy good cocktails.

Not only is wine priced at $5 and local beer on tapat a mere $4 but there’s also the trendy Aperol Spritz for $8 and $6 for the Federico and the Frank Sinatra Martini which is a potent concoction of Stoli vodka, Blue Curaçao and pineapple juice for $6.


I had no idea what Aperol was and after googling it I knew I’d like it as it’s a liquer made from 30 ingredients of which orange and rhubarb are primary ingredients. When you mix it with prosecco what you get is s pleasant mixture of tangy and sour. A great summer drink for people tired of the usual mimosas and Kir Royals.


As for the food offerings, it’s all Italian inspired as there’s a selection of 4 Assigni (Italian style tapas) for $2.50 each (minimum order of 4) ranging from delicious Torta Salata di Pesce, a lovely seafood cake, beurre, Arancini (saffron risotto balls), Crostini ai Funghi (roasted mixed organic mushrooms, cream & truffle oil) and Crostini con Pomodori Secchi (ricotta, oven dried cherry tomatoes).

The Assigni only whets your appetite to the main attraction of $10 pasta of which there are four choices. I opted for the Bucatini All’ Amatriciana which had little pieces of cured pork cheeks which I call oinks of pleasure, with spaghetti noodles covered in tomato sauce that you know from the first bite is made in-house with fresh oregano and basil.


My friend Joe Leary (Host, ‘BC Brew On Tap’ – Shaw TV, Host, ‘Just Here for the Beer‘ – TSN Radio had the Spaghetti Rustici (saffron infused spaghetti, beef ragu, pioppini mushrooms, red wine sauce) which he produced delicious. Both portions of pasta were enormous which we couldn’t finish and had packed up to go. After all we had to make room for dessert.


Dessert isn’t part of happy hour but we were hard pressed to say no to Strawberry Tiramisu and Espresso Cream Caramel.  Joe found the light version of tiramisu delightfully light without its usual intense espresso As for me the intense espresso flavour added a wonderful contrast to the creamy sweetness of the creme caramel. flavour.

There’s also a guitarist strumming on the guitar in the background on the stage which later becomes energized with live entertainment such as jazz bands, tribute bands or even Federico Fuoco himself belting pop favorites that gets the crowd moving even on a weekday night. His rendition of Phantom of the Opera is something to behold

This happy hour is only offered Sunday Wed and Thursday from 5:30 to 7 pm and to ensure that it doesn’t conflict with special events you must make reservations.




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