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Firehall Arts Centre Presents the World Premiere of
Talking Sex on Sunday

Book & Lyrics by Sara-Jeanne Hosie
Music by Sara-Jeanne Hosie & Nico Rhodes
Directed by Donna Spencer
(A Firehall Arts Centre Production)

February 14 – March 8, 2020 | Firehall Arts Centre| 280 E. Cordova

Opening Night: February 19 at 7:30pm
Previews: February 14 & 15, 8:00pm | February 16, 3:00pm | February 18, 7:30pm | February 19, 1:00pm
Performance Times: Tues-Thurs, 7:30pm | Fri-Sat, 8:00pm | Sat, 3:00pm | Sun, 3:00pm | Wed, 1:00pm (PWYC)
Tickets:  From $25 at | 604.689.0926
Post Show Talkback:  February 20 & 27, March 5


My Review of Talking Sex on Sunday

Being single over 40 means never having to say, I’m sorry that I have too many sex toys and that I have my own unbiogradable landfill of batteries at the foot of my bed. So when I received the invitation to attend Talking About Sex on Sunday, my poor tired overworked rabbits finally got to rest on Sunday. So pull up your giggle pants and put aside your inhibitions, because here it comes, my unabashed and uncensored review of Talking Sex on Sunday.

More than just a gaggle of gal pals coming together for an evening of debauchery and clucking over scandalous sex toys, Talking Sex on Sunday is a play that highlights friendships and love in its various forms from never been kissed, the dearly departed to the dusty wife on the shelf. While Talking Sex on Sunday with its clever ditties, parade of bedtime instruments of joy and dances of seduction such as the G-Spot tango will make you howl with laughter, there are moments when the arrows of truth will pierce the joviality of the occasion like a sharp knife in a bowl of jelly.

The eclectic collection of friends is cleverly contrived from sexy librarian June (Katrina Reynolds), devil may care Sissy (Irene Karas Loeper), try anything once, twice, heck as many times as I want Carol (Caitriona Murphy), I play for the same team Frankie (Sara Vickruck), Sister Dearest Olivia (Jennifer Lines) to the hostess without the mostess Margot (Janet Gigliotti). Each character brings to the stage their unique sexual desires and quandaries, all the secret and unspoken words that all of in the audience harbour inside.

I have to admit to being surprised to see Jennifer Lines in her role as Olivia as I’ve only seen her at Bard on the Beach performances where she does Shakespearean roles justice. She not only manages to emote the confusion and chaos of Oliva’s life perfectly, but she sings beautifully as well. And speaking of singing, Katrina Reynolds (June) has quite the set of lungs as her voice seems reminiscent of gospel singers. But I would be amiss if I did not give accolades to the musicians – Emilo Suarez (cello) and Masae Day (Violin) who performed all the songs live.

Song, dance, candid revelations and a spectacle of sex devices.. Talking Sex on Sunday is pure entertainment for anyone who ever has, will have or is even thinking of having…. sex!

About Talking Sex on Sunday

The Firehall Arts Centre is thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day with the world premiere of Talking Sex on Sunday from Friday, February 14 to Sunday, March 8, 2020.

On the first Sunday of every month, Margot and her lady pals always host a theme party. What happens when Margot decides to kick it up a notch by having a Sex Toy Party?

In this new musical comedy by Sara-Jeanne Hosie and Nico Rhodes, we witness these women share fears, reveal dirty secrets, explore new possibilities, and find the power of female friendship. Directed by Donna Spencer, Talking Sex on Sunday features performances from such fierce females as Janet Gigliotti, Jennifer Lines, Sara Vickruck, Irene Karas Loeper, Caitriona Murphy, Katrina Reynolds, and Seana-Lee Wood.

“I am delighted to be working with such a powerhouse team of actresses on this wonderful new work created by Sara-Jeanne and Nico,” says Spencer. “It’s a perfect piece for late winter, and reminds us how for so many years – and even now – women have not spoken openly or been proud of their sexuality. Dr. Ruth has done her best to get us talking, but there is always more to be said.”

Credits for Talking Sex on Sunday

Book & Lyrics:  Sara-Jeanne Hosie
Developed with: Edwin Wong
Music: Sara-Jeanne Hosie & Nico Rhodes
Arrangements & Orchestrations: Nico Rhodes
Performers: Janet Gigliotti, Jennifer Lines, Sara Vickruck, Irene Karas Loeper, Caitriona Murphy, Katrina Reynolds, & Seana-Lee Wood
Director: Donna Spencer
Dramaturg: Shawn Macdonald
Choreography: Sara-Jeanne Hosie
Stage Manager: Tanya Schwarzle
Set Design: Brian Ball
Lighting Design: Michael Hewitt
Costume Design: Stacey Steadman

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Celebrating its 37th season, the Firehall Arts Centre continues to open doors through the arts in celebration of the Canadian experience. Located in a heritage fire station that was built in 1906, the Firehall Arts Centre is one of the most unique cultural institutions in Vancouver, hosting over two hundred performances each year and bringing diverse audiences together to enjoy, discuss, question, and explore artistic works that reflect the society and world in which we live. With Artistic Producer Donna Spencer at the helm, the Firehall Arts Centre produces and presents theatre that is innovative, eclectic and at times politically-charged, as well as exquisite, cutting-edge dance performances and interdisciplinary works that challenge assumptions. The venue also acts as a host to visual arts exhibitions and performances from other performing arts organizations, supporting local and national artists. The Firehall Arts Centre is proud to support emerging artists and companies, and strives to program work that is inclusive, culturally rich, and reflective of the many voices and perspectives in Canada.



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