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5 Special Saving Tips for Being Frugal

Life can be a whole lot of fun even for those who are willing to remain financially prudent with these five special saving tips! First of all, you can take advantage of multiple special deals the shops have prepared for frugal customers like you, including coupons. Now you can find them online on many sites, for example Discountrue or RetailMeNot, or even on the official websites of the stores such as Kohl’s. However, there’s a wide range of other saving tips that tend to go ignored and really shouldn’t. Read on to learn more about how you can keep your money from burning a hole in your pocket from now on!

1. Change Your Diet

We often hear people say that they can’t “afford” to eat in a healthy manner and we are here to tell you that is simply not true. As a matter of fact, eating in an unhealthy way will only cause you to spend more money over the long haul. A person’s medical bill for obesity can cost them over $1,000 each year, so think twice before relying on the value combos from fast food restaurants and start packing healthy snacks for your everyday adventures.

2. Garage Sale

Most of our homes are filled with clutter that we no longer want, but did you know that you can monetize your mess by having a garage sale? If you get some free time during the weekend just go ahead with cleaning out your basement and all of those storage bins, providing yourself with a little bit of extra folding money in the process. You will also surely discover plenty of mementos you haven’t seen for ages which makes for some fun!

3. Research Gas Prices

You no longer have to pay full price for gas when you are fueling up for your commute, thanks to numerous apps that provide you with timely information about the lowest rates in your region. will help you to keep your gas prices low and those who wish to steer clear of tolls (pun certainly intended) can use Google Maps’ avoid toll option to lower their out of pocket expenses.

4. Book Flights Early

If you wait until the very last minute to book your flight, you are likely to end up spending far more than you would have if you had thought ahead. Booking flights early is crucial and so is booking them during the right part of the week. Waiting until Friday or Saturday to book a flight and expecting a quality rate is a fool’s errand. Still having trouble finding a cheap flight? Use Kayak or Expedia to help guide your purchase.

5. Hire a Sitter

While it is fun to take your kids certain places, it is easy to forget that almost any location that you visit will be laden with advertisements that cause the little ones to tug on your sleeve and ask for money. When you need to run errands and you are trying to avoid spending more than you have to, hiring a sitter is a short term investment that definitely pays off over the long haul.



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