While the rest of Canada is still shivering in the icy cold winds of winter in the month of April, we in Vancouver are frolicking in the cherry blossoms casting off our heavy sweaters and exchanging our steamy bowls of stew for lighter fare such as the Spring Fling 3 course dining package from Van Eats which is overflowing with bright green colours and the fresh garden flavours of garlic, fava beans, watercress, green peas and fiddlehead ferns. And at a price point of only $27 it’ll make you kick your heels in glee is offering the SPRING FLING dining passes for $27 from April 12 – June 12, 2015 from the Mosaic Bar & Grille at the Hyatt Vancouver Hotel which includes:


Your choice of appie:
“Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale”, radishes, garlic scape dressing
“White Asparagus Bisque”, parmesan lavash

Your choice of entree:
“Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks with Stinging Nettle Pasta”, asparagus tips, morel cream sauce
“BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon”, salt spring mussels, manila clams, sugar snap pea, charred scallion, fennel, new potatoes
“Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto”, fiddlehead ferns, fava beans, green peas, watercress

Your choice of dessert:
“Maple Espresso Creme Brulee”, dark chocolate bark
“MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake”, fresh berries


And to make this dining package even sweeter, there’s an option to add wine pairings which my friend and I purchased for the mere cost of $25/person . Check out the options here and advise MOSAIC staff when you order!  And BTW, I also allowed to switch the wine pairing for my entrée for the wine pairing offered for the other entrée, otherwise I loved the pairings.


White Asparagus Bisque

I couldn’t have the bisque due to my dairy allergy but relied on the input of my friend Madelena @jewelietteshop) who has the same gastronomical tastes as mine.  She said it was creamy and flavourful and chock full of asparagus flavor.  The accompanying crispy thin Armenian Lavosh wafer with the edible vibrant blue Bachelor Button flowers I think pushed this soup to the next level.



Earth Apple Farms Mixed Kale


Nowadays, it’s hard not to find kale on a menu and this salad is a great mixture of many vegetables with a light vinaigrette which could have used a bit more savory ingredients to lighten up the slighty too vinegar flavor for my taste, but otherwise still an enjoyable salad with crunchy bits of radishes and carrots.


BC Bouillabaisse with Spring Salmon

For all the seafood lovers, the Bouillabaisse is a sure winner as the salmon, mussels and clams are all cooked perfectly with the accompanying broth being light in taste so as to not overpower the pure fresh taste of each seafood ingredient.

MosaicVanEats008Braised Maple Ridge Farm Veal Cheeks with Stinging Nettle Pasta

I love veal and morel mushrooms so I just had to cheat on my non-dairy diet and try a mouthful. Verdict: veal was tender having been cooked for approximately 12 hours and had the sauce was rich with a definite delightful morel flavor. The pasta was served in lasagna like sheets and as this was a spring menu, it wasn’t carb heavy. Calling all meat lovers, this dish is calling your name.


Green Garlic Quinoa Risotto

I absolutely love, love, love, love this dish as Sous Chef Jo Ong made it without dairy to accommodate my food allergy.  With fiddlehead ferns, pea sprouts, green peas and garlic, the lightness of the risotto without the cream highlights the freshness of the vegetables and makes me wonder why I ever liked risotto with cheese and cream as this is a wonderful healthier alternative.

MosaicVanEats010Maple Espresso Creme Brulee..

I love the taste of espresso and maple but wasn’t expected to have them both in a crème brulee.  I love how the intense flavour of the espresso contrasted to the maple sweetness and creamy texture of the brûlée. And if you’re in love with the hard caramel crusgt as much as I am, don’t leave your dessert unattended just in case your dining companion is a fan too.


MOSAIC’s Signature Triple Layer Cake

Mo Chocolate mo chocolate mo chocolate. There’s a legend that if you say this three times that all your cavities disappear. Lol I think it’s the other way around. Triple chocolate means triple drooling and I’ve been a long time fan of this cake as its a giant slice of heaven being moist and does the job of making you glad you’re a chocoholic. You can also order this cake as take out as my company orders it for our monthly birthday soirees.

With so many spring flavors bursting with freshness and a view of the magnificent downtown core it’s a no brainer to purchase the Spring Fling 3 course dining pass.




Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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