French wines

French wines

French Wines at the 2019 Vancouver
International Wine Festival
My Recommendations

Sometimes the wine list in a four star restaurant can be daunting as the list may be ten pages or more with only four to five selections that I actually recognize. So whenever I’m in this situation, I choose a French wine. Besides French pastry and French kisses (wink wink), the other thing that French people excel in is creating French wines. Full bodied Pinor Noirs with lots of character and lots of fruit that go oh so well with rack or lamb or duck confit.  Chablis with chardonnay grapes that when implanted in limestone, develop with well-balanced acidity and minerality that actually develops a buttery flavour over time and are oh so perfect with oysters.  French roses that are the perfect balance between sweet and sour and sparkling wines with voluptuous bubbles that pair with escargot.  I haven’t met a French wine that I didn’t want to drink or a French man I didn’t want to kiss, but that’s another review.  Because the focus of this year’s Vancouver International Wine Festival was California wines, there weren’t too many French wineries present, but the following is my tasting notes for French wines I found under $25 (or a little over).

Domaine La Baume
Pinot Noir Rose ($24)

What’s better than a French lover that makes your heart sing every time his lips touch your’s? A bottle of Domaine La Baume Pinot Noir Rose with its alluring aromas of ripe peaches and notes of strawberries and lime zest comes close because it’s so good that I want to pour it in a tub and bathe in it with my French Lover #ThePerfectPairing

Chateau de la Galiniere
Rose 2017 (Cabernet, Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Vermentino) ($25)

When asked how much I adore Chateau de la Galiniere Rose 2017 which is a soft elegant Provence rose which oozes bright white flowers and transmits flavours of strawberries and red currants with good minerality, I can only respond “La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin, meaning: “Life is too short to drink bad wine”. #INeverSpitISwallow

French wine

La Sablette 
Provence Rose 2018  (Grenache, Carigan, Cinsault, Tibouren and Syrah) ($21.99)

When is a rose wine not a rose wine? Is it when you use red grapes such as Cab or Pinot Noir? Or is it when you find that I’ve drank your two cases of La Sablette Provence Rose 2018 which is a rose with a delicate nose of red currants and strawberries with notes of lime curd, during the week you were on vacation and paid me to house sit. #ItsNotMyFaultYouForgotToLockTheWineCellar


French wines

M de Minuty
Rose (Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah) ($24)

Picture yourself at the Eiffel Tower having dinner at night looking out at the City of Nights with its romantic scenery and the only thing between you and your oh la la French lover is a bottle of M de Minuty Rose with its alluring red currant aromas and notes of refreshing pink grapefruit. And then he reaches over to hold your hand and knocks the bottle over! What do you do? Call his wife to take him home. #ICryOverSpiltWine

Minuty Prestige 
(Grenache, Tibouren, Syrah, Cinsault) ($23)

When I die I hope that my eternal soul finds itself in a wine cellar full of rows and rows of bottles of Minuty Prestige because it’s heavenly aromas of honeysuckle flowers and lush melons with notes of ripe raspberries and strawberries dancing with zesty lime peels takes me to a state of nirvana that I never want to leave. #IJustDescribedMyLifeOnEarth

Minuty Chateau
Minuty M de Minuty 2017, (Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah) ($26.49)

The hills are alive with the clanking of glasses as I invited all my friends for a picnic in the park with several bottles of this light pink bottle of ambrosia called Minuty Chateau Minuty M de Minuty, whose aromas of red currants and oranges and notes of strawberries and peaches. The refreshing acidity makes it quite easy to drink a whole bottle by myself before I have time to offer it to my guests. #JustStepAroundMe. The sweetness of this wine goes hand in hand with the sweetness of the BC prawn and tanginess of the ricotta so well that I had two of the spot prawn and two of the wine #OinkOink



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