German Wines

German Wines

My Review of German Wines at
2019 Vancouver International Wine Festival

To Riesling or not to Riesling, is there even such a question? Because those of us who go ape sh**t over the stuff know that no other wine offers such a fragrant aroma of tropical fruit and notes of even more tropical fruit. It’s the ultimate fruit basket dancing on your taste buds. Germany seems to be the king of Rieslings with Deinhard and Felsengartenkellerei (don’t even try to say this after one glass of wine) wowing me over with their German wines. And if you’re a fan of sparkling wine, Henkell also had some great selections under $25. So the following is my review of German Wines at the 2019 Vancouver International Wine Festival.

Green Label Riesling 2017 ($12.49)

This is the wine you’d bring a case of to your next Halloween party to pour into barrel to bob for apples. But make sure you go first so that instead of holding your breath you’ll be suctioning in all that fragrant green apples, juicy honeydew melons and lime curd flavours. And when you’re done you’ll have the right to make this your new mantra. – Ich saufe darum bin ich. (I booze, therefore I am.)

Riesling Muscato NV ($18)

I call this Muscat love because this is what happens when you marry Riesling with Muscat grapes. After the honeymoon, you get a bottle of Deinhard Riesling Muscato NV that smells like peaches but gives your mouth a kiss full of lemon curd and apple pie flavours. So insanely good that I want to pull up a table at the wine store and drink it on the spot. #MyAddictionIsRieslingWine

Piesporter Goldtropfchen Riesling ($21)

If the Deinhard website says Riesling is king, does that mean I have to wear a crown when I drink this wine and have people call me Lady Di? It surely is a wine fit for a queen with its aromas of red apples and notes of honey dew and pears with crispy acidity. But I doubt that after a bottle or two, I’ll be able the name of this name backwards or forwards.


German Wines

Blanc de Blancs NV ($19)

What do you serve at a baby shower where tiny quiches and pink cupcakes are being served?  Henkell Blanc de Blancs NV, of course, which has baby bubbles and aromas of apple butter and notes of lime zest which will make silly games such as Dirty Diapers and Bobbing for Nipples seem like fun #IAlreadyRanOffWithThePrizes

Rose NV ($18)

What does the color red taste like? It’s a field of cherries and strawberries that dance on your tongue with aromas of candied pink grapefruit peel with lively acidity in This bottle of Henkell Rose NV made from Grenache and Pinot Noir grapes. Bonus, the memory of this taste sensation will last longer than your last three marriages to Five Times a Cheater, Three Minute Lover and Macho Supreme.


Trocken Dry Sec ($14)

Why do I love Henkell Trocken Dry Sec? Is it the sound of the cork popping that makes my heart go thump-thump-thump because I know soon the lively acidity of the combination of French Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Blanc de Noir and Chenin grapes will soon overwhelm my senses with its aromas of pineapple and melons and notes of sliced green apples and lime zest. Or is it because I locked myself in the wine cellar and I won’t leave until every single bottle of this Rose is gone. #AllMine

Collection Schloss Schnait
Riesling Trocken ($20.29)

The perfect pairing for German wines like Collection Schloss Schnait Riesling Trocken which is pure Riesling with aromas of green apples and notes of lemon zest is a rooftop deck overlooking the Mediterranean Sea while you’re bathing in the nude in the glorious sun and waving at the passengers of the cruise ship that just sailed by #MillionDollarView

Felsengartenkellerei Riesling
Blanc de Blancs ($14.29)

“Please sir I want some more” I said batting my eyelashes flirtatiously. “But I think you’ve been at this booth 5 or 6 times” the wine rep said suspiciously.  “No I think you’re confused because us Asian girls look so much alike that even I can’t tell us apart”. The wine rep scratched his head and then proceeded to pour me more of the Felsengartenkellerei Riesling Blanc de Blancs  made from Muller- Thurgau, Kerner, Riesling and Sauvingnon Blanc grapes. A fragrant mixture with its aromas of lychee and pineapple and notes of pear and passion fruit. Can you blame me for coming back 15 times? #INeverSpit

Rosé – Cuvée Edition ($15.99)

Proceed with caution when drinking this wine of Acolon, Spätburgunder and Weissherbst Grapes because the intoxicating aromas of strawberries and notes of lemon meringue will make you go mad with pleasure and cause you to re/enact the famous La Dolce Vita scene where the women prances around in the Trevi Fountain.   #ShakeShakeShakeShakeYourBooty





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