Gojoy Berries

Gojoy Berries


As a child, my mother decided that my siblings and I should take up gardening as a hobby as we had a 500+ square foot garden in our backyard of which we grew bok choy, garlic chives, potatoes, spring pea, carrots and goji berries. All of these we harvested, dried and then my mother would stew everything together in one of her many ancient Chinese recipes designed to promote health, which if we were lucky, sometimes ended up actually tasted good.

As a result, I had no idea that goji berries could be eaten raw so I was excited when I received a Gojoy Smoothie Booster and fresh goji berries which are harvested in Aldergrove.  Owner and farmer, Peter Breederland, recognized an opportunity to grow and harvest this superfruit in the fertile lands of the Lower Mainland. The farm has an inspiring story of determination as Peter vowed to grow goji berries where he was told they would not grow. His success in doing so, and his innovation in growing these berries and creating value-added products, is noted and commended.

Gojoy Berries takes three core values to heart– courage & craftsmanship, people first, and imagination & innovation.

Three Gojoy products are currently available

1)     Frozen goji berries (year-round) distributed directly through Gojoy
2)     Fresh goji berries (until the end of July) distributed directly through Gojoy
3)     Smoothie mixes  (goji berries mixed with other high antioxidant fruits) available at retail outlets throughout the Lower Mainland

To learn more about Gojoy, visit www.gojoy.ca or follow on social media: twitter.com/gojoyberries, instagram.com/gojoyberries/facebook.com/Gojoyberrries



About Gojoy Smoothie Boosters

Gojoy Smoothie Boosters are the perfect way to add extra flavour and nutrients to your smoothie so you can keep up! Each Gojoy Smoothie Booster packet contains a delicious blend of BC-grown goji, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and blackberries. They’re rich in vitamins A, C and E, and studies have shown they have antioxidant properties and can boost energy and metabolism! Many studies also suggest that goji berries are beneficial for the immune system.

Gojoy Smoothie Boosters are jam-packed with goodness, available with 5 different packets to choose from, and while they make a nutritious treat on their own, they can add joy to some of your favourite foods like, yogurt or ice cream.

I made mine with an apple, banana and coconut cream.  The result, a delicious and filling drink that gave me a lot of energy.

Gojoy Berry Cocktail

Gojoy Berry Cocktail

Not content with just my Gojoy Berry Smoothie, I decided to concoct my version of Gojoy Berry Spiked Lemon Ice Tea with Percy’s Old Fashion Iced Tea which is a vodka beverage available from http://vonalbrecht.com/.  The following is my recipe.

Gojoy Berry Spiked Lemon Ice Tea

1/2 cup Iced tea
1/2 cup Percy’s Old Fashion Iced Tea
5 tbsp coulis

I cup goji berries
1 cup cherries
1 tbsp sugar
Boil and cool.  Blend into purée.

Add coulis to Iced Tea and Percy’s Old Fashion Iced Tea and enjoy.  The combination of the lemon and sweet Gojoy Berries is absolutely heavenly and refreshing.



Benefits of Gojoy Berries

  • used to treat kidney problems
  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowers blood pressure
  • cleanses the blood
  • assists with eye problems
  • helps with skin rashes
  • helps with psoriasis
  • helps with depression
  • allergies
  • chronic liver disease
  • diabetes
  • eye problems
  • health strengthening tonic
  • insomnia
  • chronic liver disease
  • better sleeping habits….

Nutritional Information

-18 amino acids
-B vitamins B1, B2 & B6
more Vitamin C per ounce than an orange
-Vitamin E
-beta-sitosteral which is an anti-inflammatory agent used to lower cholesterol
-contains 15 times more iron than spinach
-contains numerous antioxidant carotenoids, including beta-carotene (a better source than even carrots) and zeaxanthin (protects the eyes). The goji berry is the -richest source of carotenoids of all known food
-sesquiterpenoids: cyperone and solavetivone which are anti-bacterials & anti-fungals
-essential fatty acids such as omega 6 linoleic acid that regulate hormones and promotes body fat loss
– 180% of of daily recommended Vitamin A intake per 1 ounce serving.
– unique polysaccharides known as “Master Molecules” – LBP1, LBP2, LPB3 and LPB4 – which work together to fortify the immune system



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