Gramercy Grill Thanksgiving

Gramercy Grill Thanksgiving

Gramercy Grill Thanksgiving Day
Three course prix fixe

for just $39.95 per person


Gramercy Grille
Thanksgiving Menu 


A p p e t i z e r   C h o i c e   

Soup of the Day
(meat or vegetable)
– or –
Hearts of Romaine Salad 
bacon, parmesan, crispy capers, garlic and shallot dressing
– or
Shrimp Salad
baby shrimp, apple, cucumber, shallot, green onion

E n t r e e   C h o i c e   

Oven Roasted Turkey 
cornbread, sausage & pine nut stuffing
buttermilk mashed potatoes & gravy
citrus cranberry compote, roasted carrots,
roasted bacon brussel sprouts
add Honey Glazed Ham add $6

– or – 
Pan Roasted Catch of the Day 
almond crusted steelhead,mushroom risotto
brussel sprouts, onions, carrots, cucumber,
red pepper, lemon brown butter

– or –

Mixed Mushroom Spaghetti
truffle tapanade, truffle oil, grana padano and scallion

D e s s e r t   C h o i c e   

Pumpkin Pie 
cardamom, ginger caramel sauce
whipped cream
– or –
Lemon Tart 
mixed berry coulis
whipped cream
– or –
Creme Brulee   

$39.95 per person plus applicable taxes   
Add Buttermilk Biscuits  $1.5 per person 
Add Roasted Red Beets $5     

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Gramercy Grill
2685 Arbutus Street
Vancouver, Canada V6J 3Y4
P: (604) 730-5666





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