After last year’s Dish ‘N Dazzle where Fay aka @Armadillob and I terrorized Katie Ingram by returning not two or three times but six times to have her Fireball cinnamon whiskey cocktail and cackled our way through our caricature session with Cruelty Free Cartoons, you’d think that BC Hospitality would have posted unwanted posters to ban us from this year’s Dish ‘N Dazzle event on May 7, 2015! So this year me and my Sparkle Crew were out dishing out mischief whilst the top chefs of Vancouver and yonder dazzled us with their cuisine. The following are my highlights:


My favorite bite of the evening would have to be the Mini Wellingtons from Black N Blue – a perfect crust enclosed sphere of beef and gorgeous luscious gravy making love to my taste buds – ooh la la.



Is there anything better than a perfect piece of medium rare Smoked Blue Goose Farm organic Beef Striploin? Deceptively simple in presentation but it delivers big in taste for the carnivores from Homer St. Café.



I was a bit disappointed when Chef Ann Kirsebom didn’t hand out her Gran Marnier chocolates but I got over it once I tasted the Grand Marnier Callebaut Chocolate Mousse paired with the Grand Marnier Louis-Alexandre.


Featured at Dish ‘N Dazzle were 20 Argentina Wineries where I went straight to my favorite Malbec. Why do I love Malbec. It’s tannins are smooth and silky and the palate is usually chock full of ripe plums and dark cherries. You always remember your first and Domaine Bousquet  still remains my favorite Malbec and priced at under $20 it’s a real steal.



My favorite white at this event was Graffigna Centenario Torrontés as it was clean and crips with well-balanced acidity with aromas of rose petal, jasmine, white fruits and a hint of citrus – easy to drink wine.



Here are the cocktail judges looking mighty sober before their hard laborious task of trying each and every cocktail. From left to right, Natalie Langston, TV Host Producer with Novus TV, Sophie Lui, Global BC Morning News Co-Anchor, David Wolowidnyk, Mixologist at CinCin and  Mijune Pak of Follow Me Foodie.


You can run and hide but I will find your cocktail shaker. Shake it like you mean it. Katie Ingram, of Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar came in first at the cocktail competition with her San Telmo Swizzle which featured Bacardi Superior Rum


Last but not least, the Sparkle Crew was in full force parading the crew to make sure we all dazzled on. Middle, Madalena and Elsa Corsi from Jeweliette who donated various curated items from their jewelry collection for the silent auction.  Left, Asian giggle twin Fay who not only owns a fabulous designer outlet store called Armadillo Boutique at 64th Avenue and Granville but is just about as crazy as me – I drink a little bit more so that puts me over the edge.

Here is the list of everything that was featured at this event, besides the 36 wineries from Argentina:

Ann Kirsebom:– Grand Marner Callebaut Chocolate Mousse and Grand Marnier
Black N Blue:  Mini Beef Wellingtons
Bon Vivant Group:  Olive Oil Poached Albacore Tuna, Tomato Coulis, Sundried Olives
Cafe Pacifica:  48 hour braised Beef Short Rib, Baked Goat Cheese Cheesecake
CinCin: Parmesan, Potato and Rosemary Ravioli
Cuchillo: Courvoisier The Painted Hand
Diamond:  Belvedere Vodka El Cebador
Donnelly Group:  All Natural Cache Creek Beef Burger
Fairmont Pacific:  Buffalo Trace Asado Sour
Four Seasons Yew: Fireball Whiskey Firewall
Homer St. Cafe: Smoked Blue Goose Farm organic Beef Striploin
Forage:  Rangeland Bison Flat Iron
Joe Fortes:  Miso Sablefish
La Grotta Del Formaggio:  Ricotta Cheese, Truffle Honey, Crispy Mortadella
Nita Lake Lodge:  Cold Smoked Salmon Pastrami
Panaderia Latina Bakery:  Beef Empanadas and Spinach Empanadas
Pica:  Duck Confit Eclair
Pier 7: Deconstructed Onion Soup
UVA Wine Bar: Bacardi San Telmo Swizzle
West Restaurant: Glenmorangie Pampero Winds

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