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Pierre Fabre

They say the most important part of your beauty regime is what you put on your skin on night. From eye makeup removers to cleansing lotions to mud masks, it’s all about using the most effective product that will not only cleanse your skin effectively but not leave it feeling sensitive due to strong chemicals. I have nothing but good things to say about the following Pierre Fabre beauty products.


Klorane Eye Makeup

Klorane Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover’s main ingredient is cornflower floral water which means it’s hypoallergenic and free of paraben, Phenoxyethanol, silicon, alcohol and fragrance. It feels gentle on the eye and it takes a little more effort to remove makeup but on the plus side, as I’m currently going through a cleanse causing me to have sensitive areas near my eyes, I noticed that these areas didn’t sting when they came into contact with this solution.


Tolerance Cleansing Lotion. This solution removes makeup quickly from the face and feels gentle on skin.  Afterwards, my skin feels soft and there is no stinging sensation on sensitive areas as I was suffering from an outbreak due to my liver cleanse.

Tolerance Emulsion for Sensitive and Hypersensitive Skin. For those of us who suffer from eczema, we have many patches of white scaly skin which try as we might, it’s tough to find a cream that actually makes our skin feels hydrated after five minutes. Well, the Tolerance Emulsion immediately makes my skin feel hydrated after contact and after two hours, my skin still feels hydrated. All I can is hallelujah.

Tolerance Masque for Sensitive and Hypersensitive Skin. Hypoallergenic, hydrates and soothes. This goes on lighter than other masks and skin feels smooth, and doesn’t actually form a thick mud mask on the face – in fact, it seemed to absorb into the skin which meant that I didn’t have to wash this off. What surprised me is that the skin on my face still felt soft the next day.

About Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre is a French multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company Founded in 1962 by Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist developed beauty products from natural ingredients. The company is not only focused on research and manufacturing cosmetics but also prescription medicines and family health products but developed vinorelbine (Navelbine), an anticancer drug.  The Pierre Fabre Foundation whose mission is to help third-world countries to obtain quality drugs and learn how to develop them locally.



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