Improv Mondays With Michelle

Improv Mondays With Michelle


Improv Mondays with Michelle


Review of Improv Mondays with Michelle

Rainy days and Mondays never get me down because I’m usually in my tub on Monday night drinking a bottle of wine wondering why Canada doesn’t have mandatory four-day work weeks. Yes, Monday the unholiest day of the week where I’m required to not let it all hang out and the day when I send my evil twin to bed and don on my goody two shoes and head to work.

But wait, Mondays just got a whole lot interesting with Improv Mondays with Michelle Gidard, the YouTube soap opera sensation of Michelle’s Soap Opera created and played by Angela Galanopoulos, whose over the top personality is larger than that Tomahawk Steak your piggy hubby tried to swallow whole last night.

In the first half of the show, Michelle elicits inane suggestions from the audience which improv players use in a variety of scenes such as the accountant who confronts her client using the music of a movie genre to reset the tone of the conversation. Say what? One minute she’s as sweet as molasses and then ready to stab her client as he tries to justify why “servicing womankind” is a valid reason for receipts to restaurants and hotel rooms.

And then there’s the backward-forward musical square where one moment the audience witnesses the frantic ranting of a frenzied dad-to-be in the waiting room of a hospital and then in the next moment, a hunchback complaining to her boss about bullying in the workplace. It’s fast-paced humour where the quick wits of Clare Filipow, Andrew Barber, Andrew Job and Lauren McGibbon prove to be adept at creating nonsensical dialogue that has the audience roflapop – rolling on the floor laughing and pissing our pants.

In the second half of the show, even more inane audience suggestions are used to create a dramatic soap opera complete with song but no dance where Jacob Neapolitan Ice Cream creates non-dairy frozen treats bursting with flavourful narcotics for patients at the mental hospital next door. Bob Passionfruit arrives determined to rescue his daughter Agatha who has been a patient for 15 years after her unsuccessful Cirque de Soleil performance on a Farris wheel at the PNE. Yes, it’s insane madness on Improv Mondays with Michelle as you never know how the plot thickens – and neither do the Improv players.

So take off your gloomy Monday hats and upside frowns and come on down for a rip-roaring snorting good time as Michelle’s Improv Mondays will make you feel that there’s more to Mondays then going to work and crying in your coffee.


Improv Mondays With Michelle

Photo from the performance I attended


About Improv Mondays With Michelle

You’ve fallen in love with her on You Tube and now the indomitable Michelle Gidard (played by VTS ensemble member  Angela Galanopoulos) is coming to the live stage. Starting Monday, May 6th  Vancouver TheatreSports will present Improv Mondays with Michelle – Fake Stories, Real Improvisers hosted by the character Michelle from the popular web comedic soap opera Michelle’’.

The original web series, created by Galanopoulos and fellow VTS ensemblemember Andrew Barber,  is set in the mythical restaurant Michelle’s in Hope. The VTS show diverges from the original concept as each performance is not necessarily set in Hope – the locations and contents of each story will vary dependent on audience input. What will be consistent is that all will be over-the-top funny with the larger-than-life Michelle in charge. The first half of the show consists of short-form scenarios and the second half of the show will be a mini soap opera – all based on audience contributions. Each scene’s comedic melodrama will be enhanced by live musical underscoring by pianist Matt Grinke..

To see ticket prices and show length for all our hows, click here.

NOTE: This show is suitable for children aged 8 and over. We cannot accommodate younger children, toddlers or infants. Any show may contain mature content and language, parental discretion is advised.

Programming and shows subject to change without notice.


About Michelle’s

Michelle Gidard rules the fine-dining throne in Hope, BC when a man from her past returns determined to destroy her queendom. You don’t become the queen of late-night dining without making a few enemies. Michelle Gidard is the owner and proprietor of Michelle’s Restaurant, located in the small town of Hope, BC, and business is booming. That is, until a devilish man from her past, Hank Devereux, pays Michelle a visit and reveals that he has bought a competing restaurant across the highway. Just one of the many tricks up his sleeve. The times are changing, and Hank’s restaurant brings something new and exciting from the big city: fusion food. Goodbye Chicken a-la King, hello Shanghai Noodle Burgers. He’ll use her dark past against her, and will stop at nothing to steal her seat on the late-night fine-dining throne. As Michelle’s business and personal life crumble around her, will she be able to keep it together. Click here to watch the first season of Michelle’s

About Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTS):

Founded in 1980, VTS has grown to become a well-respected international leader in the improv art form. Voted the ‘#1 Improv Comedy Company’ for the third year in a row at the prestigious ‘2018 Best of Vancouver Awards’, VTS entertains more than 65,000 people per year with 10 shows per week, 52 weeks per year at its own theatre, The Improv Centre. An intimate space located on Granville Island, The Improv Centre is a fully-licensed facility with its own Neil Macrae Bar & Lounge, which overlooks False Creek Marina.

In addition, VTS owns and operates The Improv Comedy Institute – an improv school which offers classes from beginner through professional level, conducts province-wide school tours, and operates Improv for Business – a corporate training division with a diverse portfolio of blue-chip clients.

VTS appreciates the on-going support of season sponsors: City of Vancouver, CMHC Granville Island, The Georgia Straight, and The Granville Island Hotel.



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