The Irish Heather
Thanksgiving Dinner

Join us in The Irish Heather on Sunday, October 13th 2019, at 7pm, as we give thanks and celebrate, with our 11 year tradition of feeding hundreds of guests on the Thanksgiving weekend.

A delicious Roast Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings, paired with a pint of beer or glass of wine.

This combo is normally priced at $30++ but in keeping with our tradition of a decent meal and beer, at a decent price, served to a hungry crowd, we are charging $20 ++. Click here to purchase tickets

We can cater to all dietary restrictions such as; gluten free, vegan, vegetarian.   Grab some friends or come and meet new ones, book now.


Seán Heather – The Irish Heather & Shebeen Whisk(E)Y House

Organizer of Thanksgiving, Turkey dinner, all the trimmings and a pint of beer, $21

Seán is an Irishman, who has been living in Canada for longer than he lived in Ireland. He is married to Erin and they have 5 kids. Whilst travelling through Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Balkans, he was amazed at how eating a meal was a way to bring folks together, who had seemingly nothing in common. Once “breaking bread” together, many realized that they had more in common than not. Back in Vancouver, and after opening his award winning Gastropub, Seán wanted to bring a little of the magic of his travels back to life. At the LTS, you can come with friends or by yourself…to use an Irish expression…”there are no strangers here, just friends we haven’t met”




Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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