You know you’re truly a foodie when you’re willing to travel from one end of the city to the other for the opportunity to taste what could possibly be the best thing you’ve had in your mouth all week. Have taste buds will travel even if I live in Richmond, after all isn’t that what transit passes are for.  This year’s Kits Tasting Plates takes us to the most western part of West Broadway almost to Point Gray which is just one bus ride from downtown (UBC 14) or one bus (No 9) from the City Hall Broadway stop. It’s tough to get parking in Kits so transit is way more convenient as these buses come every 10 minutes.

Storm City Coffee
3403 West Broadway
Instagram: @stormcitycoffee

Registration was at Storm City Coffee Where I expected to be served coffee and cookies but to my delight we were served sofa water infused with H.K Huns Fruit Mixers and elixirs which are fruit flavoured balsamic vinegars which is a product I tasted at the BC Distilled Festival a month ago. As I bought the Black Currant flavour last month, I tried Apple Mint . Both flavours have a nice intense burst of fruity flavour and definitely add a great splash of flavour to any liquids you want to add to from sofa water to prosecco.

I’ve never see cream puffs offered in coffee shops so I suspect that the Salted Caramel and Vanilla Cream Puffs are popular items with their customers. I had to give mine to my friend who said that yes they were definitely light as a dream and so decadent and delicious. Sob.  Besides the decadent 6 million calorie cream puffs there are also healthy menu items such as Coconut Chia Pudding which is vegan and gluten-free and Toast with Avocado.   There is of course the usual array of hot and iced coffee selections such as Mocha and Cortado and Iced Chai Latte.


Sencha Tea Lounge
3468 W Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @senchatealounge

I drink fruit slushes with coconut jelly at bubble tea cafes as I can’t have the milk tea due to my dairy allergy. However, at Sencha Tea Lounge they informed me that they use Carnation Milk Powder instead of real milk so I was able to sample the milk tea. Although I sometimes use Carnation Milk Powder when I travel as it’s convenient, I have to admit that the idea of using it in s milk tea concoction at an establishment that features bubble teas wasn’t too appealing. So I was surprised when I quite liked my flight of milk teas.

Kits Tasting Plates

Left to right, Assam, Jasmine, Oolong and Honey Camellia

I quite liked the Assam Tea as it had the most depth of flavour of all the teas in this flight and tasted quite similar to Chai tea. The Jasmine Tea was served cold, without milk additive, and was actually quite refreshing with the jasmine taste quite prominent. The Oolong Tea was less subtle than the Assam but quite nice and refreshing if you’re a fan of Oolong Tea. The Honey Camellia Tea had an herbal overtone and wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be.

Kits Tasting Plates

As for the food, the Sencha Chicken Wings were lightly battered and not greasy while the chicken in the Chicken Teriyaki Don was also tender. No disappointment here. Prices for the food isn’t expensive with the wings at $8 and the Teriyaki at $11.

There are also blended drinks which range from slushes such as Green Apple Yogurt Slush and smoothies such as Ferrero Rocher Smoothie. The food menu is eclectic with Western fare such as chicken wings and Nachos and Asian fare such as Kimchi Beef Bao and Beef Donburi. Besides tea, you can also have a Spanish Latte or Americano. And for a very happy sweet ending, there’s Matcha Red Bean Waffle, Matcha Infused Waffle, Sweet Adzuki Bean, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Mochi.

Be Fresh Market Cafe
2951 W Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram @befreshlocal

beFresh is all about healthy, fresh food and many selections are vegan and gluten free and all ingredients are listed on their packaged food. I know as I frequent their location in Bentall Four for salads and vegan chocolate mousse.


Lentil Slider, Potato salad, juice box watermelon juice and Holy Fudge dipped bananas

If you closed your eyes, you’d swear the Lentil Slider was meat as it is has a meaty texture and tastes like hamburger. The accompanying Potato Salad was vegan which means that they make their own mayonnaise or use one that doesn’t have that nasty dairy preservative that most creamy dressings on the store shelves have. No complaints here. The Watermelon Juice had a more intense flavour than I would think watermelon juice would have so I’m wondering if there was another juice added to it. Holy Fudge Dipped Bananas – do I really have to describe how this tasted, except to say YUM.

Some of my favorite items at beFresh are the Asian Edamame Salad with steak, quinoa, cabbage, cranberries with Asian vinaigrette, or Vegan Chocolate Monkey Smoothie which has almond milk, bananas and peanut butter and Vegan Chocolate Pudding, all of which are delicious and taste like the dairy versions.

Super Hiro’s Restaurant
2585 West Broadway

Does Vancouver need another sushi joint? After all I swear there’s one on every block. But when its excellent sushi, my answer is “Hell, yes”. It’s not surprising that these two tender morsels of fish (tuna and Japanese snapper) seem to caress your taste buds into a dance of delicious submission as the owner of Super Hiro’s is the nephew of Tojo’s. They are so tender that they seem to literally melt into my tongue.


Kits Tasting Plates

Unkai with shrimp, fish, deep-fried fish and sushi nigiri (tuna and Japanese snapper)

Unkai was rice pudding with shrimp and fish – was I dreaming? An imaginative dish that combines the light flavour of rice custard with fish as the creamy texture of the pudding compliments the delicate texture of the fish.  The Deep-Fried Fish was tender and not greasy and added a hearty component to this Tasting Plates.  The food at Super Hiro’s isn’t cheap, but if its quality you’re looking for, here it is.  Personally, I think the best deal would be to either order the Mini Omakasa is $60 with four courses and dessert or for the ultimate feast, the Omakase is $100 with six courses and dessert.  Omakase means “I will leave it up to you” and in Japanese food culture Omakase represents a special nightly menu, specifically chosen by the Chef.


‪From decadent cream puffs at Storm City Coffee, refreshing milk teas at Sencha Tea Lounge, delicious vegan fare at beFresh to high quality nigiri at SuperHiro’s, it truly was a tasting journey to remember and I’d gladly spend the time to travel to this Kits neighbourhood from Richmond.

About Tasting Plates

Each month Richard Wolak organizes a different Tasting Plates event focused on a specific neighbourhood.  There are usually four or more restaurants on the tour.  This is a self-guided tour which you are given about four hours to visit each location.  You begin at a common registration point where you receive your Tasting Plates ticket which will list the tasting plates at each establishment.  The price of this ticket varies as the earlier you buy your ticket, the better the price is.  You should subscribe to the Tasting Plates newsletter to learn about new Tasting Plates events. My ticket is complimentary as I market this event and write reviews and I tweet and instagram the events to death.



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