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Koko Monk Chocolates

The Chocolate Whisperer opens a
Second Koko Monk Chocolates Location

Much like your first kiss, when that first bite of a chocolate carefully crafted by Paul Dincer, hits your taste bud, waves of sublime pleasure will overcome your taste buds prompting you to ride another wave with yet another bite. Paul Dincer is the Chocolate Whisperer and owner of Koko Monk Chocolates, who has opened a second location at 2883 West Broadway which is a larger space with more tables for customers to sip and savour his unique chocolate creations.  He is a Master Chocolatier who possesses magical chocolate powers with the ability to take chocolate in its raw form and infuse it with such exotic flavours to create unique chocolates such as:

  • First Kiss: Fresh sour cherry and raspberry infused chocolate
  • Smoking Heart: Real applewood smoked chocolate with raspberry and scotch
  • Balsamic Caramel: Miss Oh So Sweet Caramel meets Mr. Savoury Balsamic
  • Musee L’Amour:  In-house made raw pistachio praline with calamansi

Koko Monk Chocolates

And for those wanting a more adventurous chocolate journey, you can take a spin on the magic chocolate carpet with:

  • Blue Moon: Blue cheese and candied pear infused chocolate
  • Jade Box: Japanese matcha tea with miso and sake
  • La Petite Amour: Mango infused chocolate with lemongrass and lime
  • Diablo Del Amar:  Mango tequila infused chocolate with chili


Koko Monk Chocolates

Raw and Unadulterated Chocolate

But if you love the naked nature of chocolate without all the frilly thrills of infusions (at my age, anything “naked” just excites me, just saying), there’s also bars such as the following which are not only made of pure raw unadulterated chocolate, but are also vegan, organic and soy free:

  • 100% No Sweetener Chocolate Bars (Pure Cacaos)
  • 100% w Sun Dried Date, Soy Free, Sweetener Free
  • Desdemona: 85% Raw, Organic, Vegan, Sweetened with Maple Sugar.
  • MacBeth: 97% Raw, Organic, Vegan, Sweetened with Monk Fruit


Koko Monk Chocolates

Hot Chocolate Elixirs

As if the nuggets of pure chocolate gold aren’t enough to satisfy your inner decadence, dive into your addiction to hot chocolate elixirs as Paul has created 15+ unique creations that range from with sake and miso that makes you wish you were turning Japanese – oh yes I really think so – to my personal favorite of Brunette Bangle which is a fragrant potion of curry with coconut. By the way, all hot chocolate creations can be made vegan as coconut milk and almond milk options are available.  But if you can’t choose, come in on Saturdays with a friend when you can have a flight of three hot chocolates (minimum order of two).  Each year during the Hot Chocolate Festival in January/February, Paul adds 3-4 unique creations to his hot chocolate menu.  The combinations sound weird, but Paul just knows which combinations of favours work harmoniously together to create an interesting but tasty potion of hot chocolate extraordinarie.

Some of the unique hot chocolate creations I have tried (and loved!) are as follows:

  • Cold Testament:  Pineapple and Ginger Dark Hot Chocolate with a Dash of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • A Non-conformist’s Plea for an Imaginary Summer:  Tomato and Raspberry White Hot Chocolate with Rose
  • Talking Dirty with Sun God: Black  olive hot chocolate with lime and chilli
  • Cosmic Rose:  Salute to Leonard Cohen, vegan milk, salted red rose caramel with cardamom dark hot chocolate



Koko Monk Chocolates

Non-Chocolate Options

And should you choose to bring a friend that isn’t chocolate enhanced (is that possible?), there are also coffee drinks available such as Turkish coffee which pairs oh so nicely with delectable desserts available as Koko Monk’s pucker worthy Lemon Tart or Sour Cherry Tart.   I also spied bags of Salted Caramel Almond Cashew Clusters for my nutty buddies.

Although most of my blog posts center around being frugal, well sometimes it’s just time to spend all the pennies I’ve saved for something absolutely fabulous.  And any day you experience delectable Koko Monk Chocolates is a fabulous day indeed.

Koko Monk Chocolates



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