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Guest Blog by Caroline Lau

Who doesn’t love a good happy hour deal? Lift Bar Grill located in Coal Harbour’s waterfront recently launched their happy hour menu. It runs daily from 3 – 6PM, the entire food bar menu is half price. Hello, hello my dear friend how I missed you. I was talking about the wine of course. BC wineries are well represented at Lift.

Did I mention they have buck a shucks during happy hour? Wine and oysters is the perfect couple. Having oysters without wine is like drinking alcohol free booze, just isn’t the same.

The bar menu is quite an eclectic compilation, from Japanese inspired plates to west coast and Italian.

My night started with the vegetable and prawn tempura. Very lightly battered, could have used a bit more seasoning.

The dynamite roll was pretty decent but, I have an aversion to ordering sushi at a Western bar. I would not shell out $12 for a dynamite roll, which is the regular price.

Yes, it was good but is it better than what I could get at sushi restaurants in downtown for a fraction of the price. I can’t say it was, at the end of the day, it’s still just a dynamite roll.


The menu did get better, with crab cakes drizzled with almond lemon mayonnaise and crispy capers, delicious morsels. The image is not a correct representation, the portion sizes are a lot bigger and plated beautifully.  By the time this plate got to me, already half of the crab cakes were missing.


The happy hour menu is a good deal, truffle fries for $4, $6 charcuterie plate which consists of serano ham, duck pepperoni, chorizo, salami, grilled bread olives and mustard.

Serrano and burrata flat bread with artichoke puree, baby arugula and aged balsamic for $6, a simple yet tasty plate. Lift’s happy hour menu can certainly compete with the popular Joe Fortes’s.  Daily 3-6pm at the Bar Only


333 Menchions Mews
Vancouver BC, V6G 3H5



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