As someone who loves enjoying a leisurely dinner followed by two, three, four, five and oops, is that me under the table again, glasses of wine, I’m constantly looking for dining promotions to help alleviate the cost.

So, rejoice, scream Hallelujah through the streets that BYOB is here in Vancouver.  BUT as the owner of the hashtag #LolYouHadMeAtFirstSip, do I really want to pay $35 corkage fee for a bottle of wine that I can’t finish.  If you split the cost between one other person, it make sense.

But being even more frugal, I scoured the internet for BYOB specials and here is my list and I’ll be adding to it when I find more low corkage fees in restaurants.

BARU LATINO: $1 corkage on first bottle of wine on Wednesdays

BAUHAUS RESTAURANT:  25% off select bottles of wine and no corkage on Wednesday

Browns Kitsilano: $15

CAFE CA VA:  No corkage on Tuesdays

LA CIGALE BISTRO – No corkage on Tuesdays

COPPER CHIMNEY- HOTEL LE SOLEIL: Thursday – free corkage, one bottle per party with dinner purchase, excluding holidays

Enoteca: $10 (free on Wednesdays)

FRESH, RADDISSON AIRPORT: $10 per bottle, limit one bottle per table of four

HAROLD’S BISTRO, SHERATON, RICHMOND: $15 corkage (unopened, purchased from retail outlet)

Hidden Restaurant:  $12

Keg:  $15

Kirin Seafood Restaurant: $10

Market by Jean-Georges:  Buy one bottle at the restaurant and you can bring one bottle of your own for $0 corkage fee

Memphis Blues (all locations): $15

MERCHANT’S OYSTER BAR: $5 corkage Mondays- try not to bring something they carry

Milestone $10 Tuesday corkage http://ow.ly/dkRse

NUBA IN KITS: 0 Corkage on Monday and Tuesday nights

Pair Bistro: $15

Sundays and Mondays – corkage is just $1 @pidginvancouver    http://ow.ly/msBN8

LOBBY LOUNGE, PINNACLE HOTEL, North van: You can now bring your own wine to consume with your meal in The Lobby Restaurant. $25 for 750 ml and $40 for 1 liter size bottle with maximum two bottles per party. Available with minimum order of at least an appetizer & entrée or entrée & dessert per person in the party of up to 8 guests.

Nuba:  Free corkage Mon and Tuesday

Pink Elephant Thai: $12

Salade de Fruits: $14

TERROIR KITCHEN: No Corkage Fee Sunday!

Thai House: $12

Urban Thai: $12

Vera’s Burgers: $2

The Wallflower:  $10 (max 2 bottles per table):  $0 on Tuesday (max 1 bottle per table)

Whitespot:  $10

Marquis will deliver it free to your restaurant: http://ow.ly/dzRGU



Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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