‘VTS Channel’ Presents the Holiday Special
Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance

November 20 – December 24 at The Improv Centre
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Previews: November 20-22 at 7:30pm
Performance Times: Wednesday – Saturday, 7:30pm
Matinees: December 15, 21, & 22 at 11:30am | December 24 at 2:00pm
Tickets: $12.75 – $29.75 in advance at

My Review of Merry Kissmas

Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance is the kind of love story that tabloids love to write about because there’s clandestine meetings with hissy kissy ex’s, broken hearts and a swanky wedding affair to set your hearts aglow. This production will get you hyped up for a holly jolly Christmas to get your ho-ho-ho on!!!!

But unlike the tabloids’ sensational distortion of the facts, this production sets the mood for the big wedding by introducing the audience to favorite pastimes of Pavdorians from cold water swimming to shoveling sidewalks – all suggestions from audience members who are obviously three sheets to the rum egg nog.

The performance is brilliantly narrated by Margret Nyfors as Chris Garland, the celebrity wedding planner, who has the ability to use her facial expressions and voice in an improv second to turn a scene into instant hilarity. And then there’re Graeme Duffy who somehow manages to turn sign language into an PG activity.  All the improv players were brilliant as usual, utilizing the audience suggestions effortlessly into scenes that made us squeal with laughter.  I apologize now to those people who sat next to my table as my Asian giggle twin and I both have superpowers to make people’s eardrums burst when we laugh in unison at unrecorded high levels of mirth.

And as for the Royal Wedding, that was the chance for an audience member to claim the crown. And the blonde dental hygienist who submitted her name during intermission, hit it out of the park as she matched Prince Allen (Morrison) wit for wit. Yes, molars springing out of crocuses and snow shoveling scenes in Germany – it’s a Royal Romance without all the white satin lace and tiaras but with equal amounts of insanity and hilarity making you feel as though you just ingested 10 gallons of laughing gas. So gather all ye merry gentlemen and gentlewomen, because you’re in for an rather unholy night of jingles without the bells and dashing through the holidays has never been so much fun with the merry improv players of Vancouver TheatreSports at Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance.


Merry Kissmas

Merry Kissmas – Photo Credit: Peter Williams


About Merry Kissmas

Join Vancouver TheatreSports™ (VTS) for seasonal mirth and merriment from Wednesday, November 20 to Tuesday, December 24, 2019 as the ‘VTS Channel’ presents Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance.

This is the time of year when screens large and small are filled with sappy, warm-hearted romantic comedies, and the stage at The Improv Centre is no exception. VTS’ holiday special parodies all the inane clichés and tropes you would expect to see in any popular holiday TV special or film. Boy (or girl) meets girl (or boy), they fall in love, they have an argument or someone jeopardizes the relationship, they patch things up, and the story ends with their nuptials.

In this instance, the fairy-tale romance is made even more unbelievable by building the plot around an impending Royal Wedding in a heretofore unknown small country – ‘Improvanzia’. Will the dashing Prince Rudolf fall for the beauteous, but non-royal, Meaghan Sparkle? How will the Royal Parents react? How will the suburban in-laws-to-be fit in with the posh Royal Relatives?

Overseen by Chris Garland, famous celebrity wedding planner, this romcom parody sees VTS improvisers use audience suggestions to create on-the-spot, never-to-be-repeated comedic versions of stereotypical romcoms as well as Royal Wedding characters and situations. Flashbacks will take the audience to key moments in the couple’s courtship and the action moves forward to the day of the wedding – ‘Kissmas Day’.

Of course, we all know that despite all the trials and ‘trivial-ations’, there is always a ‘happily ever after’ ending – but how we get there is where all the fun and bowl-full-of-jelly belly laughs are to be found. Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance, the latest holiday tradition from Vancouver TheatreSports™, will leave you feeling as cozy and happy as sitting by a roaring fireplace sipping hot chocolate.

Merry Kissmas – A Royal Romance is suitable for families with children ages 8 and up. Visit  for a full list of performance dates, times, and ticket prices.

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