Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates Review

Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates Review

Caramel Coffee Bun, Spinach & Feta Pie and Banana Almond Smoothies at PappaRoti


Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates Review

From decadent coffee buns, exquisite sushi rolls, crunchy poke canapés to street worthy Mexican cuisine, we roamed the streets of Mount Pleasant in the request for licious eats.  The following is my Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates Review.

1778 Columbia Street
Twitter: @PappaRotiCanada
instagram @papparoticanada
Cuisine: Café

More than a pretty decadent coffee bun, PappaRoti has a lot more to offer besides pastries, like spinach and feta pies that’s oozing with flavour as the ratio of spinach and feta is 3-1 to pastry dough which is a happy change as some bakeries make pastry dough the feature flavour. The original coffee caramel bun had a layer of salted caramel goodness that made me want to run my tongue up and down its surface slowly to savour it’s sweetness instead of swallowing it in one happy bite. But I’m wondering if this action would cause me to be arrested for indecent behaviour, which incidentally has never stopped me. . You can also get this bun in other flavours such as strawberry, maple, strawberries, the works or with ice cream.

To wash down our delicious offerings, we were given a choice of three different types of coffee or a vegan almond milk date smoothie which was delicious although I felt maybe a tablespoon more of chocolate was needed to kick it into high chocolate mode. But as someone with a lactose intolerance I was surprised that PappaRoti offered this vegan smoothie. There’s also smoothies in other flavours such as pina colada, strawberry banana, wildberry and mango mania.

Besides pastries, PappaRoti also offers items such as sandwiches, salads and soups.  PappaRoti has five locations, three in Vancouver, one in Coquitlam and one in Ontario,

2815 Main Street
Twitter: @maizalyvr
Instagram: @maizal_yvr
Cuisine: Mexican

Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates Review

Corn and cheese empanada, one pulled pork taco, 3 leches cake, passion fruit and chia drink 

Maizal exemplifies the typical Mexican restaurant you’d find in any town of Mexico with its fundamentally simple family style tables and utilitarian furniture and utensils as the focus is on the food. They off the whole gamut from tacos mole verde with chicken, Carnitas (pork and avocado) and Pastor (pork and pineapple), all offered for a mere price of $4.50 to tortas (Mexican style sandwich), burritos and rice bowls. And wash it down with Mexican drinks such as Jamaica (hibiscus), Horchata and lime & chia

I couldn’t eat two items of our Tasting Plates here as the corn and cheese empanada and chia drink had dairy. My friend told me the chia drink was delicious and tasted like it had condensed milk in it. I also know for a fact that the horchata served here also has condensed milk which is an ingredient that isn’t used in horchata in Mexico, so if you have any type of food allergy it’s best to ask.

As for the pulled pork taco, what you get is pure protein on a corn tortilla which is great for people with a gluten sensitivity. It’s simple and tasty and hits the spot and great with the tasty passion fruit drink. The 3 leches cake was moist with a custard filling and my only complaint here is that I wanted it super sized!

Westcoast Poke
463 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Twitter @WestCoastPoke ‏
Instagram @westcoastpoke
Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates
Spicy Ahi Negrito, Unami Albacore Toro Bite, Blackened Sockeye Bite and Nori Oil Salmon Bite

I get poked all the time as poke bowls are a regular staple of mine as I describe them as an amped up sashimi salad which are two of my staple lunch items. It’s like being able to eat all your favorite Japanese foods in one bite.

Here Westcoast Poke cleverly managed to give us a preview of four of their poke bowls by spooning a dollop of each onto crisp rice cakes. I loved all the tasty bites but I’d have to say that the Unami Albacore Toro was my favorite as toro is usually not offered in most poke establishments. In case you’re wondering toro is the flesh of the belly of the fish which makes it more fatty and more tender – it’s the bacon of sashimi. Sad to say though that the crispy rice cakes are only offered for catering clients. What I like about this poke is and that they offer Sauces such for your poke bowl range from Spicy Yuzu Sriracha, Green Coconut Curry to Miso Ginger Soy.
Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates

They also offered us some taro chips which came with three sauces. I love the taste of taro as it has more depth of flavour than potatoes.


Uma Sushi
450 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram @umasushi_bar

Mount Pleasant Tasting Plates

Salmon Oshi, tuna tataki and Snow White Roll

Does Vancouver need another sushi restaurant? When you consider the fact that 50% of the population in BC is Asian then the answer is Hell yes. But as we all know with landlords charging outrageous rents, only the restaurants serving Hugh quality food survives. People don’t return to establishments for food that’s “average”. That first taste had to give you that “wow” sensation for you to return. Umi Sushi has that wow factor as you can tell that they use high quality sushi and you don’t really wasabi and soy sauce as the freshness of the ingredients stand on their own and their sushi is as good as any I’ve tasted in expensive sushi restaurants.

Uma Sushi has lunch specials from 11:30am-3pm that are $12.50-$15.50 served with miso soup and salad and there an interesting menu item called sushi donuts served during lunch. Otherwise Uma Sushi serves typical Japanese fare from miso soup, prawn tempura to sushi, sashimi and a dessert of black sesame sponge cake at Uma Sushi sounds enticing.




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