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My Review of New Plant Based Menu at Rocky Mountain Flatbread 

I’m not vegan, but you’ll often find me at vegan restaurants due to my dairy allergy. So when Rocky Mountain Flatbread invited me to the preview of the new plant-based menu, I was elated. Finally, a restaurant where non-vegan and vegan friends could hang out and eat together without turning up their nose at the menu as all food allergies from dairy, vegetarian, gluten and nuts are accommodated in the new plant-based menu where Vegan Cau Cheese made from cauliflower, nutritional yeast, cider vinegar and lemon is the hero rescuing us poor allergy inflicted victims from horrendous symptoms ranging from rashes, constriction of the throat and my personal favorite, allergen bronchitis which only lasts for five weeks.

Although Rocky Mountain Flatbread offers comfort food such as pizza and pasta which I usually avoid because it’s hard to take the cheese out of pizza and pasta, on their regular menu there are a few salads offered (four salads, two of which have goat cheese). I don’t know about you, but I’m frankly tired of resorting to having to order salads when there’s nothing else on the menu that I can’t eat. Plus I’m also tired of crying while I watch my friends chow down on pizza with all that ooey gooey cheese. Well the new plant-based menu at Rocky Mountain Flatbread with its 15 menu Items which includes pasta and pizza is enough to make any vegan loving friend happy that at last there’s more than 2-3 items on a menu that they can eat.

At the  Preview Event we tasted a variety of flatbreads, appetizers and salads. I won’t go into detail about all the menu items as there were so many dishes we sampled, but the following just highlights my favorites from this event.


Rocky Mountain Flatbread

WILD MUSHROOM: Garlic Oil Base, Spinach, Mixed BC Wild Dried & Local Fresh Mushrooms. Vegan Cau Cheese, Parsley

If you’ve ever had flatbread at Rocky Mountain Flatbread then you know that the crust is thin and crispy, the way I like it. There’s also gluten-free crust available. Out of the 4-5 pieces I tried, my favorites were the Wild Mushroom and the Harvest (Organic Tomato Sauce, Kale, Crimini Mushrooms, Seasonal Squash, Cherry Tomatoes,Three Herb Pesto, Vegan Cau Cheese Drizzle) as I love mushrooms and Kale. As for the Vegan Cau Cheese, the flavour is similar to dairy cheese in that it has that tangy flavour while I found the consistency a little thinner as it wasn’t as stringy as dairy cheese when you bite into it. But as someone with a dairy allergy, I’ve had nut cheeses which have a thicker consistency, but I’m sure people with nut allergies will find the Vegan Cau Cheese the best alternative that isn’t made of nuts.


FRESH HERB SALAD: Assorted Greens. Tomatoes, Oranges, Cucumbers, Fresh Herb Vinaigrette. Vancouver Grown Sunflower Sprouts

I found the Fresh Herb Salad rather light and goes well if you’re planning to eat a fair number of pizza slices.  The sweetness of the oranges really compliments the herb vinaigrette.



I quite liked the Beets and Argula because not only am I a fan of beets, but the tartness of the cranberries brought a nice contrast to the sweetness of the beets while the hemp seed gave it a crunchy texture.

MUSHROOM RAGOUT PASTA: Organic Rotini, Mixed BC Wild Dried & Local Fresh Mushrooms, Spinach, Vegan Cau drizzle Drizzle, Parsley

The Mushroom Ragout Pasta was a symphony of flavours of iron packed nutritious spinach and mushrooms, mushrooms and mushrooms. Did I already tell you I loved mushrooms?


And for the sweet happy ending, indulge in the Seasonal Sorbet which has absolutely no dairy products.  No need to twist my arm or any other body parts for that matter for me to say yes, yes, yes, oh yes to Raspberry Sorbet.

So if you’re looking for restaurants with a menu with a lot of vegan items or more importantly, to finally find a place where all food allergies are welcome for all your food sensitive friends, Rocky Mountain Flatbread is the place to be.

MUSHROOM CAPS:  Local Roasted Mushroom stuffed with Sundried Tomato Hummus. Organic Tomato Sauce Dip

The complete All Plant Based Menu is available on our website along with all of Rocky Mountain Flatbread’s dining options. Visit for more information.


About Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Rocky Mountain Flatbread takes pride in providing sustainably produced, local food that connects farm, family and community. Visit our two Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurant locations in Vancouver (Main Street & Kitsilano) or the original restaurant that started it all in Canmore, Alberta. Food court locations include Rocky Mountain Flatbread Express in Banff and Rocky Mountain Flatbread Food Court in West Vancouver. Visit for more information.

HARVEST: Organic Tomato Sauce, Kale. Crimini Mushrooms, Seasonal Squash, Cherry Tomatoes. Three Herb Pesto, Vegan Cau Cheese Drizzle 



Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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