Noodle Mania 2019

Noodle Mania 2019  – Photo Credit: Vancouver Foodster


Noodle Mania 2019 on January 16, 2019

Join us and tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants in Vancouver between Cambie Village, Olympic Village, Commercial Drive and area at Noodle Mania 2019! This 6th annual noodle tasting extravaganza is presented by Vancouver Foodster and Tasting Plates.

Each restaurant will be serving up Tasting Bowls or Plates for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

You may have a chance to taste all sorts of noodles from chow mein to spaghetti to mac & cheese, pho, pad thai, ramen and more. Touring many ethnic eateries and tasting noodle dishes including American, Chinese, Filipino, Hong Kong, Indian, Italian, Southern, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

See Richard Wolak (Creator/Founder of Noodle Mania and on the  Global TV Morning News Saturday Chef with Chef Ui Ratsomjit in 2016.

If you haven’t been to our previous Noodle Mania event, Novus TV featured one of our previous events on Food Finds (view here)..

Visit each of the participating restaurants at your leisure by car or use transit.

Registration: tba-this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Noodle Mania passports.

Participating Restaurants at Noodle Mania 2019

Mangia Cucina & Bar
2211 Manitoba Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @mangia604
Cuisine: Italian

Recently opened, Mangia Cucina & Bar serves Italian style ‘tapas’, wide selection of homemade pasta & risotto & stone-baked pizza. Chef Alessandro Riccobono is happy to share his love for regional Italian cuisine &, cook some of his favorite pasta specials for the local community. Situated in a heritage house in beautiful Mount Pleasant, Mangia Cucina & Bar offers the perfect opportunity to grab a quick lunch, go on a dinner date, indulge your happy hour cravings and even book the whole space for your next event. Open Mon-Sat, 11:30am-10:00pm.

Hon’s Wonton House
25 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
Instagram: @honswonton
Cuisine: Cantonese

Since 1972, Hon’s Wonton House, situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Chinatown, has been creating and sharing traditional Asian Comfort Food with customers of all generations. Using rustic, locally sourced ingredients and time-honoured Cantonese recipes, customers can be transported through tastes and aromas back to the infamous and familiar wonton houses of the Guangzhou.

From hand-made wontons and Pan fried Potstickers, to well spiced and simmered broths and noodles, Hon’s flavor filled menu will not disappoint.

Viet House Restaurant
3420 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @viet_house_restaurant
Cuisine: Vietnamese


Pami/Tseng Noodles
Instagram: @pami_noodles
Cuisine: Taiwanese and Japanese

PAMI, like spaghetti from western countries or ramen from Japan, is the noodle from Taiwan. PAMI literally means the natural sun-dried noodles. The sun drying process avoids any use of preservatives and retains the natural smell of wheat flours. The noodles have a broad, flat character with a very nice chew to them. The sauce coats the noodles completely – not too much, not too little. The balance of the spicy Sichuan pepper to other flavors is masterful; it balances perfectly. The noodles are ranked in the Top 10 Noodles of All Time by Ramen Rater and is the only noodle on the list from Taiwan.

More surprise restaurants will be announced prior to the event

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Ultra-Early Bird Tickets $29 per person before December 12, 2018
Early-Bird Tickets: $35 per person before December 28, 2018
Advance Tickets $50 per person before January 13, 2019
Regular $60 per person after January 12, 2019
Note: Eventbrite fee and GST is extra on all tickets purchased online.

Ticket price includes tasting bowls or plates at each of the participating restaurants throughout the evening. (Beverages are included at some restaurants which will be noted, you are welcome to purchase wine, beer, cocktails or mocktails at each of the participating restaurants).

Note: ALL Tickets must be purchased in advance online. All ticket sales are final. No exchanges or refunds; however you are welcome to transfer the ticket to another person for the same event if you notify us at least 48 hours in advance with name (s) of who will be attending in your place. Participating restaurants subject to change. Event produced by CMI Chat Media Inc. This is an all ages event and everyone is welcome.




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