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Perfect Snacks with Perfect Wine can only equal Perfect Pairings and a Perfectly Good Time at the Wine Bar. For only $14 (read it but don’t weep and just get here), you get to try three fabulous wines with a short wine seminar from resident Sommelier Rachelle Goudreau along with snacks perfectly paired with each wine.

At the Perfect Pairings I was invited to along with Karl (@mywinepal), Rachelle decided to present us with what she deemed as the three best Perfect Pairings to date.


TWB003Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut with truffle oil, brown butter popcorn

Not just ordinary popcorn or champagne for that matter, the Blue Mountain Gold Label Brut is a sparking wine that drinks like a champagne ” without the champagne prices as it has the same amount of acidity and nice crisp bubbles.

The saltiness and texture of the popcorn provides a great contrast with the Brut sparking wine and I’m thinking that this the perfect upscale chick flick snack.

PerfectPairigs 043-2 Painted Rock Skaha Blend 2011 with Mushroom ravioli, pesto and marcona nuts

When I was told this red blend was from Painted Rock, I was surprised as I’ve never heard of it as I am quite familiar with John Skinner’s Painted Rock wines from the Okanagan.  This was a wine that John Skinner blended from leftover Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, so it is only available at The Wine Bar.  It’s a full complex body with plump berries and blueberries, a pure delight for any fan of Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon.

The earthiness of the mushrooms in the ravioli paired well with this wine and I especially liked the crunchy meatiness of the Spanish marcona nuts which I have never had.  Marcona nuts has been described as a cross between an almond and a macadamia nut as they have the buttery taste of a macadamia nut but look like an almond.   Can somebody supersize this perfect pairing?


TWB005Solera Oloroso Sherry with caramel flan

I’ve only had sherry a few times, so I wasn’t prepared for the medium brown colour of this wine.  Sherry apparently is composed of different wines that are aged and then blended together. Different vintages are also used and it is not uncommon to use old wine that is 100 years ago.   The Solera Oloroso Sherry was too easy to drink as it was sweet and had a very distinct nutty taste which pairs so well with the sweetness of the caramel flan.  An interesting word of advice from Rachelle concerning dessert wines though, is that you should select wines that have the same or greater sweetness of the dessert.

For $14, I found this was a great deal as we got to try some great wines and learn about how to pair foods with these wines.  We also had an opportunity to meet other guests and to linger afterward at the Wine Bar to enjoy more bites from the sister restaurant, Provence next door with Karl and PR gal, Nancy Wong.   More than just Perfect Pairings, it was a Perfectly Good Time.

The next Perfect Pairings is on September 12th and are held every other Thursday.  Click here to buy a ticket for a Perfect Pairing


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