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Some of us with eczema may also suffer from seborrheic eczema which is a scalp condition where scaly patches form on the scalp.  When this occurs, it’s time to find one that contains natural ingredients that not only cleans your hair effectively but soothes the scalp and won’t irritate it with chemicals.  The following is my review about the wonderful Pierre Fabre hypoallergenic shampoos I was given to try at a recent media event, all of which I highly recommend for anyone that has sensitive skin and scalp issues.


Furterer Illuminating Shine Shampoo with Fioravanti Alcoholare, Acerola Cherry Vinegar and Vitamin B5, silicone free. This shampoo lathers rather well and hair is really silky soft and shiny. The next morning I was rather pleasantly surprised at the volume it added to my hair.


Klorane Shampoo: has chamomile which gives it a rather nice smell like you fallen asleep with your head in a field of chamomile flowers. It lathers like other shampoos and it doesn’t take long for a good foam to form. My hair was softer and was shiny with highlights. Paraben free, silicon free, phenoxeethanol free, biodegradeable and only $10.50 for 200 ml. Apparently a particular species of chamomile, Matricaria rectita L. which is grown in Egypt in sun drenched soil to stimulate growth, is used and harvested from May to September. After first wash, hair has 84% chance of having blond highlights. Klorane is also available as a conditioner which guarantees hair repair and detangling. Available as of June 2016 in drugstores across Canada.


Klorane Dry Shampoo is made from a combination of three powders and a plant-based extract: corn and rice starch for its high absorption capacities, silica for high absorbing power and beta cyclodextrin which is a sugar molecule which has high grease removing properties. I tried the Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk – Gentle Formula for all hair types which is 150 ml for $15.50. Oat softens, moisturizes and protect. It felt light and it seemed to make my hair clean as it has that sheen you get from freshly shampooed hair and there is no film.  I’m making this my cheat shampoo when I have no time for a proper wash and rinse.

Complex 5

Complexe 5 is a regenerative vegetable concentrate made of orange, lavender,made to tone the scalp and strengthen the hair from the root.  When you apply this to the scalp, you get a strong smell of freshly squeezed oranges and an immediate warmth and tingling sensation on your scalp, similar to that when you apply shampoo with tea tree oil.  The next day, my hair was soft and my scalp no longer had that patchy skin on top of my red.

About Laboratoires Pierre Fabre

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre is a French multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company Founded in 1962 by Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist developed beauty products from natural ingredients. The company is not only focused on research and manufacturing cosmetics but also prescription medicines and family health products but developed vinorelbine (Navelbine), an anticancer drug.  The Pierre Fabre Foundation whose mission is to help third-world countries to obtain quality drugs and learn how to develop them locally.



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