Prestige Cosmetics Review


Besides smokey eyes, the brow’s the thing and Prestige Cosmetics has the ultimate brow makeup from brow pencils to a Brow Studio with the perfect tools.  The following is my Prestige Cosmetics Review from the London Drugs Beauty Event.

The Prestige Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Definer is the ultimate tool for defining as the pencil is thin with a sloping end that makes it easy to apply for accuracy.  The brush makes it easy to smooth down the colour smoothly. Its retractable so there’s no need to sharpen.  Coming soon to London Drugs.

PrestigeBrowStudioHow wonderful is it that beauty companies are now coming out with a complete brow palette to not only to fill in your brow to create that perfect symmetry for your face such as the Prestige Cosmetics Brow Studio which gives you two brow powder shades and a primer plus some wonderful brow tools to sweep the colour onto your brows effortlessly.  It’s all you need to as its compact size makes it easy to carry around for that easy touch up. Coming soon to London Drugs.

The Prestige Cosmetics Long Lasting Brow Shaper Pen is a smudgeproof eyebrow ink pen that shapes brow.  I didn’t get one of these to review.  Coming soon to London Drugs.

The Prestige Cosmetics Brow Perfection Tool is a tool designed to shape your brows according to your facial features. Assists you to quickly define where to start, arch and end your brows. I didn’t get one of these to review.  Coming soon to London Drugs.

PrestigeTriple2When I first took the cap off the Prestige Cosmetics Triple Line Ink Pen, I was surprised to see three distinct thin brushes in a row and was curious as to what the overall effect would be. After application, it was plain to see that the overall objective was to create a tool that would allow you more control over the application. As a result I was not only to create thin but thick lines without runoff or smudges. This lasted more than three hours which made me quite happy as I’ve never used a liquid eyeliner that lasted that long as the skin around my eyes is a little oily.  Coming soon to London Drugs.

I categorize the Prestige Cosmetics Velvety Smoky Eye Pencil as a really frugal beauty buy as it’s a Long eye pencil that’s easy to use to create both thin and thick lines and it lasts for more than three hours so you won’t be running out to buy a new pencil every month.  Coming soon to London Drugs

The Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Colour Rush – The Chase wasn’t in my swag bag but as I had a makeover at the Prestige Cosmetics display, I was given this lovely eyeshadow which is an intense pigmented metallic purple shade that’s perfect for creating smokey eyes.  As for durability, it lasted over three hours before I had to touch it upAvailable at London Drugs for $13.99.




Editor in Chief of Fabulously Frugal in Vancouver.

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