My Review of Provence Marinaside
Dine Out Vancouver Menu

January 17 – February 2, 2020

Cuisine Type: French
Dinner Menu Price: $45
Optional Wine Pairing $25 (regular) / $15 (petite)
Neighborhood: Yaletown

The Dine Out Vancouver Menu at Provence Marinaside offers many choices for the dedicated foodie because unlike many restaurants who offer items that are never on their regular menu, the Provence Marinaside Dine Out Vancouver menu offers the dinner the opportunity to enjoy some of their classics with an appetizer and a dessert for the mere price of $45. With the choice of three appetizers, 5 entrees and 8 desserts, there isn’t much on Provence Marinaside’s Dine Out menu that won’t satisfy a bona fida foodie – aka me. Yes, I consider myself a foodie because at the mere age of 15, I spent every pay cheque I earned from working at my parents’ Chinese/Western restaurant at classic French restaurants because I firmly believed that man cannot live by moo goo gai pan alone.  It was at these French restaurants that I discovered that steak doesn’t have to cooked to a deeply charred charcoal colour and that raw lettuce actually tastes good raw when it’s not cooked in a pool of oyster sauce.


Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Olive Tapenade

When I was younger, my dairy sensitivity was minute, but as I got older and overindulged on vacations where my daily dairy intake was 10 times more than usual, well my poor liver got fed up and as a result, I can only cope with dairy being only 10% of my diet.  So eating at French restaurants can be a little bit of a challenge, that is, unless you have a chef that can actually cook.  And by that, I mean, a chef who actually knows how to modify a recipe and substitute ingredients to create a dish that is just as tasty as the original. And for those restaurants that don’t allow any substitutions, come on, how hard is to not put that dollop of creme fraiche on soup or to substitute a cream sauce for a tomato based sauce.  Tonight, Sheldon Maloff was that chef who succeeded in offering me delicious options due to my dairy sensitivity.  So, my review of the Dine Out Vancouver menu at Provence Marinaside may differ slightly from what is originally offered due to the “no cow” substitutions.

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Amuse Bouche – Lamb

To begin, what I really loved was the Olive Tapenade with crostinis that we were offered before our meal as, yes you guessed it, it had no dairy.  This wasn’t in substitution to being offered bread and butter, as a bread basket did arrive just before our appetizers.  Then, as with typical French restaurants, an amuse bouche was served.  It’s simply a small bite-sized hors d’oeuvre that is meant to amuse your mouth or in English, stimulate the appetite (does that mean that men who know how to kiss properly are amuse bouches?).  The amuse bouche was lamb with a taro chip on top of gravy, while my amuse bouche was served on top of a squash puree.  Simply divine as the lamb was cooked perfectly, being slightly pink in colour.




Provence Marinaside Dine out

Herbes De Provence Crusted Goat Cheese

Herbes De Provence Crusted Goat Cheese (beurre blanc, balsamic reduction, mixed greens).  If you love goat cheese, well, you get a big whooping big piece of it!

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Smoked Fish Cake

Smoked Fish Cake (sautéed kale, cilantro yogurt).  Because there is so little filler, this is like eating a piece of slightly cooked fish with a delightfully crispy outside layer. I loved that I received Aioli (pictured on bottom) for in substitution for the cilantro yoghurt (pictured on top). There was a light vinaigrette on the kale which I think they blanched for a few minutes as it was much easier to chew than raw kale. Wine PairingClos du Soleil Pinot Blanc 2017 had aromas of green apple and lime peel on the palate and well balanced acidity and minerality. The lime notes complemented the delicate flesh of the fish.

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Winter Squash Soup

Winter Squash Soup (truffle chantilly)



 Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu


Bouillabaisse (west coast style, prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, fish, fingerling potatoes, gruyère et la rouille).  I’ve had Bouillabaisse many, many times each time, and each time the broth was tomato-based.  At Provence Marinaside, the broth is fish based from a recipe from Jean-Francis’ mother, Chef Suzanne, who was a chef at Le Patalain in France, so its simply lighter and allows the seafood to shine through.  As you can tell from my photo, there’s quite a bit of seafood ranging from scallops, prawns, mussels, clams and a large piece of steelhead trout. A definite “must order” if you are a seafood fan.  Wine PairingLa Stella “Lastellina” Rosato which had aromas of yeast and grass and was quite chewy with notes of strawberries and grass.   This rose wine is a medium-bodied rose and therefore its minerality paired well with the butter-like flavour of the scallops and meatiness of the prawns.

Pan Seared Lois Lake Steelhead (roasted cauliflower, sautéed baby spinach, butternut squash and espelette purée)

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

AAA Canadian Beef Filet

AAA Canadian Beef Filet (ADD $8) (roasted shiitake mushrooms, marinated tomatoes, smoked mashed potato, red wine peppercorn jus).  Every time I order red meat in a French restaurant, I always tell the waiter that I want it cooked exactly the way the French cook it.  Why?  Because in a French restaurant, meat is cooked to a slight pinkish colour so as to preserve its juices and flavour.  Cassandra Anderton ordered this and said it was seared on the outside to have a nice crispy crust, and was a delicious piece of beef filet as it had retained all its meaty juices.  Definitely worth the $8 surcharge if you are a confirmed carnivore.


Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Prawns

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Prawns (white wine butter sauce, garlic, fresh tomato, herbs).  You could probably order this without the prawns if you are a vegetarian.
Veal (Spaghetti squash, zucchini spaghetti, herbed fingerling potatoes, wild mushroom pan jus)



Provence Marinaside

Lemon Tarte

Lemon Tarte (tangy lemon curd, hazelnut brittle and whipped cream).  300 lemon tarts and counting… one of my favorite dessert I haven’t had to give up due to my allergy as I can handle the amount of butter in this.  This is only the sixth or seventh time I’ve had the Lemon Tarte at Provence Marinaside and every single time it’s tasted the same – just the right amount of sour with sweet.  Its a light dessert that won’t cause the buttons of your skirt to pop (oops excuse me while I deal with mine).   Wine PairingPentage Winery Roussanne Icewine which has aromas of pears and notes of apple pie and honey.  Its not as sweet as some ice wine which just tastes just like pure apple juice, but its sweetness provides a Yin and Yang compatibility with the tartness of the Lemon Tarte.

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Creme Caramel

Creme Caramel (delicate custard with a soft caramel top, scented with vanilla bean)

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake (Kahlua chocolate cake layered with dark chocolate mousse)

Provence Marinaside Dine Out Vancouver

Berry and White Chocolate Clafoutis

Berry and White Chocolate Clafoutis (our version of the French classic, served warm with vanilla ice cream).  I’ve had this dessert at Provence Marinaside before and I found it was just as tart as the Lemon Tart except that the white chocolate adds a sweet contrasting flavour and the vanilla ice cream which is served with it, sends it right to the top of the OMG scale.

Biscotti (ask your server for today’s selection)


Provence Marinaside Dine Out Menu

Trio of Sorbet

Sorbet (trio of delicious sorbet flavours).  The picture above only shows one scoop as my friend was too full to eat the full order of three scoops.  I’ve actually had the sorbet here before and its wonderful as you can taste the pure fruit flavours (raspberry above) and it’s the perfect dessert to end your meal if want something light or if you absolutely cannot have any amount of dairy in your dessert.
Artisan BC Cheese Plate (gluten free crisps, mixed olives, spiced fruit compote).


Provence Marinaside Dine out Menu

Baileys Cheesecake

Dessert Du Jour: Today’s selection was Baileys Cheesecake.


Besides the wonderful selection of menu items to choose from, there is also an wine pairing offered for $25 or $15 (petite) per person.  If you’re an oenophile, this would be the best place to go to have the best wines paired with your dinner as Provence has a wine program which offers 200 wines by the glass.  The wines paired with each menu item offered on Provence Marinaside’s Dine Out Vancouver menu was personally selected by Joshua Carlson, Provence’s Wine Director, who did an excellent job.  So gather all your foodie friends and all your wino friends and be prepared for an extraordinary feast paired with exquisite wines, all for the amazing low price of $45 (plus $15/$25 wine pairing).

The Wine Bar

Wine On Tap





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