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From April 1st through 30th, join Provence Marinaside as it celebrates its ninth annual Poisson d’Avril. In France, ‘Poisson d’Avril’ (April’s Fish) is a one day affair corresponding to our April Fool’s Day filled with whimsical pranks and games (background & history) . “Poisson d’Avril is an opportunity to welcome spring with a bit of fun. Our regular guests look forward to it every year. It’s become our spring tradition,” says Provence’s Executive Chef and Owner, Jean Francis Quaglia. “When you have a holiday as fun as this one, why limit it to only one day?”

As a result of its popularity Provence has turned Poisson D’Avril into a month-long celebration of all things fishy with an a-‘luring’ three-course, prix fix Poisson d’Avril Menu ($57) with two optional wine pairings – Canadian Wines for $30 ($18 for smaller pour) and Old World for $35 ($20 for smaller pour).

The special menu offers a ‘school’ of choices. Which starter will be the bait that tempts your taste buds? Seabream Carpaccio (spinach, crispy shallots, lemon Dijon vinaigrette)? The seafood-packed Rustique Soupe de la Mer (steelhead, halibut, sablefish, lardons, tomato broth, garlic crouton)? Or perhaps Provence’s version of Smoked Pacific Cod Brandade (mixed greens, Romesco sauce) will be the dish that ‘hooks’ you.

Your next major decision comes with which Main to reel in. The choices are difficult – how do you choose between Grilled Lois Lake Steelhead, Niçoise Salad Provençal featuring local Albacore Tuna, Grilled Line-Caught Halibut, Grilled Swordfish or Grilled Whole Mediterranean Fish (depending on availability this could be Seabream, Snapper or Mediterranean Sea Bass)? At this point, you might want to do some negotiating with your table mates and agree on ‘sharezies.’ Full Poisson d’Avril Menu

Having enjoyed your first and second courses, sit back and imagine yourself on the Côte d’Azure as you take in Provence’s seawall and marina view. Sip some wine and peruse the dessert menu for your choice sweet ending. Provence’s legendary Lemon Tarte and silky Crème Caramel are perfect dénouements to any finny feast.

Have a smaller appetite and can’t handle three courses? All dishes in the Poisson d’Avril Menu are available a la carte. Someone in your party not a fish lover? That’s also not a problem – there are plenty of non-fish choices available on Marinaside’s regular menu.

In keeping with the prankish spirit of Poisson d’Avril, Provence invites patrons to try their luck with the childhood game ‘Go Fish.’ On April 1st, everyone who dines at Provence Marinaside has the chance to ‘cast’ for prizes from the fishbowl. From April 2 through 30, anyone who orders the Poisson d’Avril Menu will be offered the opportunity to ‘Go Fish.’ Every ‘fish’ contains a unique prize – some serious (free meals, discounts, cookbooks etc.) and others whimsical (sing for your supper, you do the dishes) so get ready to demonstrate your angling skills and join in the fun.

Regardless of your fishing ability, you’ll find plenty of great catches on Provence Marinaside’s Poisson d’Avril Menu available this April.

Photo Credit: Emrys Horton

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